Mother-In-Law Persuades Son’s Wife Into Adulterous Affair

Bayo Ajibola
  • Philandering husband neglects wife and children after having an illicit affair with another woman
  • Wife discovers hubby’s affair and approaches mother-in-law
  • Mother In Law shockingly encourages son’s wife to look for another man to satisfy her financial and physical needs since she was being neglected

A philandering man got the shock of his life when he discovered that his wife was bedding his uncle after stumbling on romantic text messages between the pair in his wife’s phone. More stunningly, the bed-hopping wife left the court shell-shocked after disclosing that her husband’s mother was the one who had given her permission to dish out her son’s ‘goods’ to his uncle. The nasty details of the adulterous married couple’s shenanigans came to light after Spiwe Gonora hauled her estranged husband Walter Mudiswa to court for alleged physical abuse and was seeking a protection order against him. Speaking before Magistrate Mildred Matuvi, Gonora said:

My husband is abusive – physically and emotionally and all he knows is to harass me and he is a womaniser.

We took matters to his mother and she advised me that l could look for another man to satisfy me with my needs and help me with other issues that need to be addressed by a male figure.

My mother-in-law approved of this because she was sympathetic to my situation as a woman.

I am the only one who takes care of our three kids, rents and everything else; all he is good at is coming home insulting me with harsh words and beating me up.

In his response, a distraught Mudiswa did not refute the allegations made against him but lambasted his wife for dragging his mother into her bed-hopping shenanigans.

My reaction was out of jealousy as a husband; the messages that l saw in my wife’s phone with my uncle shocked me.

The presiding magistrate granted a protection order in favour of Gonora saying the husband should not physically abuse the former.

Bayo Ajibola

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