Mother stabbed to death by daughters aged 12 and 14

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A mother was found in pool of blood after being brutally shot and stabbed to death by her 12 and 14 year-old daughters, police said.

Erica Hall, 32, was found with a knife still sticking out of her back at her home in Magnolia, Mississippi on Friday.

Family members said Hall was slashed by 14 year-old Amariyona Hall and her unnamed younger daughter inside their home, but managed to stagger outside the property, where she took her final breaths and died.

Hall’s aunt Robin Coney said: ‘She was stabbed in the back. The knife was still in her back.’

Coney also recalled the girls’ attempts to deny what they had done after, saying: ‘The girls, when I drove up, they were like “Tee Tee we didn’t do this”.

‘And I was like “OK, if y’all didn’t do it, where were y’all when the people that was doing it did it?”‘

A coroner later revealed that Hall had suffered a gunshot wound to her chest, as well as multiple stab wounds to her torso and back.

She said: ‘It was her gun. It was in her car.

‘So they had got it out. So I guess when they were doing all that to her, she was probably trying to get to her gun to fight for her life.’

Amariyona has been charged as an adult, with murder, and is being held in Pike County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bond.

She is set to appear in court on January 22. Details of procedings against her younger sister have not been made public because of the child’s age.

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