Moving Your Toddler to His Own Bed To Sleep

Bayo Ajibola

Babies come relatively small so people tend to start them out in cribs and even Moses baskets. This sleeping arrangement works well until it doesn’t. Your baby is now a toddler and is all over the place. They grow so fast and you realize the cot stopped being appropriate for your baby! You now want to move your little warrior into their own bed but how do you go about it?

You first need to find out whether it truly is time to move your toddler to a big bed. Sometimes it’s not yet necessary but sometimes the situations call for it, like in the case of another baby on the way and you would like to use the same cot. What then should you look out for before you make your decision?

  • Your tot should be able to climb down from the bed on their own. This will make it easier for you too because having to get your child from the bed every morning or after a nap can sometimes be inconveniencing. Plus your kid will probably enjoy the platform to practice this skill.
  • If your child is potty training. This will allow them to get to the toilet easily than from a cot. They will at least be able to try and get to the toilet on their own even when you aren’t right next to them.
  • If there is another baby on the way and you don’t want to buy another cot. This makes a lot of sense because buying another cot just to stop using it in two or three years is not a good investment.
  • If your toddler is now too tall for the cot. This makes sleeping uncomfortable and is therefore an automatic need.

How you can make it easier on your tot

Some kids look forward to moving into a new bed, especially those with older siblings, because they want to be just like the older kids with beds of their own. This is an easy lot to handle. The tough ones are those that aren’t ready or willing to make the change. You imagine putting them in bed and enjoying a long night’s sleep only to find them in your bed. They would rather yours than the smaller yet menacing bed meant for them.

Nobody wants a tiny tot messing with their sleep after a long day so it would be best to make believers of them, and fast. But how?

  • Talk to them about it first. Let them know about the new change you plan to make and reassure them that it’s normal and okay.
  • Involve them in one way or another. They can help choose the bed or the bedding. If you can, have them there when arranging the room with the new bed so that they can begin to own it.
  • Be patient with them. Sometimes your child needs to see that everything is fine and won’t change much for them to accept change. Your reaction to the whole situation will also affect how they react to it so keep your cool.
  • Start early so as to give the child time to adjust. If expecting a baby, give it more than a month because the new baby is a change in itself and they will have to face it too. You can try it out about two months before your due date and explain to them that the new baby will use it once they get here. They might be happy about gifting their new sibling!
  • You can use something they love from their cot like a blanket or their favorite teddy. This should make the transition easier.

In all this, relax and let things take their natural course. It will all eventually work out so breathe out!

Bayo Ajibola

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