Multiple Babies: Bond and Behaviour

Bayo Ajibola

It’s adorable and so cute when you see babies as twins, triplets even quadruples – I mean multiple babies give that excitement. But what comes with it is some hard work, equal care and assistance because they can be too much to handle.

Multiple babies are basically womb mates who share a special bond that might seem unfathomable – either identical or un-identical – they communicate in their own sphere and also exhibit similar and different characters. I remember my mom saying about my twin kid sisters “T is always the troublesome one, her twin (K) is quiet” and next it becomes ” K is too troublesome, see how T is quiet”- I mean you can’t just figure because they alternate behavioural patterns sometimes.

Multiple babies are each others best friends and they share everything but still always have that distinct personality. However, some parents get bothered about ways to ensure their babies develop distinct individuality which can be supported in ways like:

  • Ensure not to dress them alike most times as they grow older.
  • Give them the opportunity to choose certain things like toys or items of their choice
  • Identify their separate skills and abilities, and encourage them to pursue different interests as they grow older
  • Allow them some time apart to be independent and develop personally, like being in separate classes.

Multiple babies never feel lonely because they’ve got each other to have plays and activities with. Their bond makes them exhibit certain similar behaviours, even sometimes with sickness – because of their closeness- it’s remotely possible for one to be treated for slight fever or cold after the other. So get ready to take along the other baby/babies when visiting your doctor or pediatrician.

It gets to a certain stage as the babies grow older, that they feel equal and wouldn’t bother fighting for attention, rather they look at each other for support. It’s advisable for parents to be neutral and never exhibit one’s achievements to the envy of the other so as not to create enmity or break the bond. Multiple babies especially twins are the ones who find it easiest to do the same things as opposed to being triplets and more because the circle gets bigger.

So feeling that double kicks or having unrelated twins circle around you lately? Be prepared and smile as you welcome a bundle/s of cuteness into the world.

Bayo Ajibola

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