Must Read!!! Nigerian Woman Shares Labour Room Tale

Bayo Ajibola

Every mother has one or two tales to tell about her time in the labour room and so is this social media woman who took to Stella Dimoko Korkus to share her labour room tale.

Read her story below:

belle don enter 2 weeks before wedding. the pregnancy eh, na die. i was not myself, was so so sick, i was sleeping 24/7. couldn’t even lift a cup of water. it was so bad. me wey be orobo before became lepa, even my ring couldn’t stay on my finger, it was that bad.
Initially, when i registered for anc, the nurse gave my edd as November, but towards that time, I calculated and saw that it can’t be November, it should be december. i went to see the dr. who calculated and said it’s december 6th. but november ending on a saturday morning, i woke up and saw blood had stained my pants, but due to the stories i heard that nurses would say ‘go home, it’s not yet time’. i stayed behind, i called my sis to be ready in case i call her. but nothing as in, i didn’t experience any signs again.
I went for anc, told them, they checked and said, no signs yet. fast forward to december 15th, i went for anc, after checking me, i told them my time had past, so i was asked to stay behind. i called my hubby to meet me in the hospital, my things were already in his car. i was given a bed close to a woman who had similar case with me; we were both induced, she got induced 30mns before me. they put a tablet inside my vj, i didnt feel any pain.
Later the other woman went into labour and she was in serious pains, me, nothing, my sis asked me whether it has started for me, na so i just de make mouth. i told her when my own labour starts, nobody will know because all i’ll say is ‘excuse me, let me go and ease myself, go into the labour ward, tell the nurses, please can you help me in bringing out my baby from my womb? that’s all and my baby would be out’. N
Not knowing that a woman beside me heard all i said to my sis. she was just watching. in fact eh, i made mouth tire, was laughing at the other woman’s drama. she laboured for just 3 hours before she put to bed.
when labour started for me, due to the fact that i already made mouth, i couldn’t talk, i became quite, was trying to bear the pain, but for where. when i couldn’t stand it any longer, it was the other woman’s turn to laugh at me. the one that listened to what i told my sis, started mimicking and demonstrating what i said. she was the one that later started robbing my waist. it got to a stage, waist robbing no work again, i pushed her hand and started running the stairs in the hospital.
After some hours, i went let the nurses check me, when they checked, they said, i was just 4cm. only? ah. my running upandan the stairs intensified. after 1 hour again, i went to them, the nurse said, ‘you are not yet in labour, you are disturbing us, if you are in labour, you wouldn’t know that the rubber band in your hair had fallen, don’t come here again’. they said that cos i was re-packing my hair that scattered.
God bless my sis, i was just feeling like pooing, i dont know where she got a small pan from, i was just pooing drop, drop in the pan. she cleaned the pan after each pooing.
labour that started since 3pm and around 12midnight, nothing, and the nurses said i shouldn’t disturb them, haba! what pain can be more than this?
With vex, i went into the labour room, i was telling the nurses, it is paining me o. one of them just said, go and lie down there. when i did, na so their own gist start simply because they saw a news headline in one of the newspapers in my delivering things. i looked left, looked right, they were still gisting, i told myself, how do i get these nurses to attend to me? i just SHOUTED JESUS.
One of them came with annoyance to check me, then she said see baby’s head o. i just told them i want to poo poo. from then, they became nice to me. they told me to poo very well. na that poo very well i do my angel came out at exactly 12:43am 16th Dec. looking like her daddy with her bald hair o.
My daughter is 7years + and she is just too mature for her age. i keep thanking God for her.It is when you go through pregnancy and delivering that you’ll value your mum the more. God bless my late mother. and every woman in the house.

Bayo Ajibola

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