My 16 year old daughter is pregnant

Please hide my identity. I am a mother of four. My husband is a very good man and he shares the same ideologies and similar principles as I do. We are both committed to raising a good family where peace and discipline thrives. We have invested so much in our children all in a bid to ensure that they get the best education and exposition in life. My husband and I are both civil servants, although in high levels. We earn well and as such put our four children in good schools. My first daughter is 16 and she has finished her WAEC and is waiting to get into the University.

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Last month, I started noticing some symptoms in her but I dismissed it as the weather. Because of the intermittent rain my area has had recently, two of my kids got sick and we’re on medication so when I noticed something off in my first daughter, I dismissed it as the illness. I bought antimalarial drugs for her and she commenced them. I monitored her and ensured she complies with her medication but she wasn’t improving. It was her dad who suggested I take her to the hospital to see a doctor, run tests and follow the doctor’s advice.

I took her to the hospital as my husband suggested. We met our family doctor who examined her and referred us to the lab for some tests. I was shocked when the pregnancy test came out positive. I could almost swear that it wasn’t my daughter’s test result. I was broken. Her malaria result was negative. I insisted on doing the test in another lab and the doctor obliged, however the result was still positive. Her father and I are both disappointed. Where do we go from here? We have provided everything necessary for her to excel instead she got pregnant.

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We have asked her repeatedly who is responsible but she wouldn’t speak up. Her father is very furious. I am angry too but I still need to hear from her. I have been talking to her in a polite manner but she refused to talk. Yesterday, her father lost his cool and beat her up mercilessly. She cried bitterly and my husband threatened to throw her out of the house if she didn’t open up on who got her pregnant. She finally said it was her classmate. Her classmate for crying out loud. Someone who is almost her age. I don’t know what to do. I never prepared for something like this.

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