My Best Friend Is Threatening My Marriage Because Her Ex Is In Love With Me.

Bayo Ajibola

I would like your advise please. I am in love in a way I have never been in love in my whole life. This is meant to be the most joyful time in my entire life but my best friend doesn’t want me to be happy. I truly do not know what to do. Please make sure to post this anonymously.

My present sweetheart,now fiance used to go out with my best friend. That was 3 years ago. They dated for like 7 months however the relationship was very challenging. My best friend is a hot head,always maltreating him at that time for any little misunderstanding.

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My best friend (Uri…not real name) always has been a hot head right from school. I don’t know the reason why,she just gets furious and yells anytime she is angry. She would throw big horrible fits and tantrums and even throw things around.

The boyfriend in the end got sick and tired and left her. Of course,Uri pleaded with him but he’d enough. I actually helped her to plead but he explained he is done as he wasn’t getting nothing but physical or mental abuse in the relationship.

Couple of years later,I was flying to Abuja when I met up with him at the airport and we exchanged contact details. By now,Uri has already been involve in 3 other failed relationships. Therefore, I thought the coast was clear when he began to show desire for me.

In all honesty,my relationship with Uri equally dwindled after some time because she’s just that fire crack head that no one can truly stand for so long. I really like her but her drammer gets to me and I have to wonder what I am doing with a friend like this. I have counselled her …told her that she’s driving people faraway from her. Still,she would not take note.

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Therefore I have been going out with John (Uri’s ex) for a year now. He is a really nice guy. Made me happy,made me laugh and he claims I am the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to him. Note,we didn’t have an eye for each other while he was with Uri. Now,that we’re together,I didn’t feel its necesary to inform Uri because its not like we are even best of friends now.

Somehow,Uri got to know about us. And she went about telling everyone that I am a slut and that I stole her boyfriend that I was the main reason they separated in the first place. Knowing who she’s, John and I ignored her.

We are now engaged to be married and extremely happy about this. But, a school friend of ours called me lately to tell me what Uri said about me.That she has gone to her village to do juju for me. That if I go ahead and marry John,I would die before a year of the marriage. This lady warned me to be very careful.

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Even though Uri did not say this to me directly, I know this is the kind of thing she will say. I know she used to swear and curse people out but she never really executed her threats. I just want to disregard her but somewhere at the back of my mind,I’m wondering if her threat is real?

I really love John with all my heart but what if Uri makes do of her threat? Will I end up dead before one year of marriage? What should I do? Should I confront Uri?

Please advise me….

Bayo Ajibola

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