My boss is making moves on me

Please help me share this with your audience. I am a young mother of two children. I am presently 26 and my kids are aged 2 and 4 respectively. I used to be a stay at home mom because I had to take care of my kids. I wanted to spend quality time with them before zooming off to work so I had to pause work for some time. Apart from that, I got married at a young age when I was still in school so I wasn’t used to working at all. My husband was working and earning well so it was enough to take care of our needs. I didn’t have to worry about earning to complement what he was bringing to the table. However, my husband only spent two years with me after our wedding. He travelled to Norway where he got a job.

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As a result of this, I was left alone with the children. Even though I wanted to start working, I knew I had to spend some more time with my kids until they were grown enough to start school and I didn’t trust a live-in nanny to care for them passionately. When my second child turned two, I had to look for a job, staying at home was exhausting even though my husband was still sending sufficient money to me. I just needed to change my environment and go out to meet people to help my mental health. I told my husband about it and he loved the idea. He however insisted I got a job that wouldn’t stress me which I did. Luckily, my job only required me to go to work three times a week and work from home twice.

I was enjoying the job until lately when my boss started to act weird. First, he started by making comments about my looks and shape. Initially, I wrote it off as mere compliments but it continued. I have only been working there for five months now and I don’t report to him directly. He is the director but I have a team lead whom I report to so I don’t have much contact with the director himself. I only see him on some days when I go to the office. From his comments about my looks, it became extra. He would go on and on about some other personal stuff. There was a day he was asking me about my private life. I had gone to deliver some documents to him as instructed by my team lead.

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I only told him I am married with two kids and politely excused myself. He got my number later, I suspect he got it from the database and called me saying he liked me and wanted us to have something going. I turned him down and restated that I was married with kids. He has been disturbing me and it is becoming too much. Need I mention that he is also married with kids. I know this trend. He may sack me if this thing gets worse and I honestly love this job because it gives me enough opportunity to spend time with my kids. I have already started looking for a job but I haven’t gotten anything similar to what I do currently, especially the working from home part. I want to know if there is a way I can permanently turn him down so as to retain my job.

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