My boss is making sexual advances towards me. What do I do?

I am in a very bad situation as I write to you. I need your advise. I started working with this company for about five months now and so far, I have been my best. I obey the company rules and come to work as early as possible and carry out my duties diligently. The problem that is eating me up at the moment is because of my boss. He has been making sexual advances towards me and I don’t know how to handle the situation. This has been ongoing for some time now, perhaps I can say for as long as I joined the company. 

When I came for the interview, he was so unprofessional and it almost did not feel as if it was an interview. It was more of a conversation and he kept on talking about how beautiful I was and how he would love to have me in his work company. I was desperate for a job so I didn’t really consider his choice of words and actions and also, I felt he was just trying to be nice and make the environment welcoming so I dismissed every concern I had. I later got the job but his actions did not stop, instead, they got worse. 

He started saying he liked me but I usually just smiled and waved it off. This continued and one day when I went to his office, he told me about how beautiful I was and how he would want to have a thing with me. I told him I appreciated his interest but I was not ready for any kind of relationship or fling with anyone as at then but this did not stop him. He continued. When I go to his office, it is always about me. He cared less about what I do at work, the input I was making in the company and anything related to work. 

It was always about my looks and large breasts. I told him once that I felt uncomfortable with the way he approached me but that didn’t make him stop. Last month when I went to his office, he openly told me that he wanted to have sex with me. It made my jaw drop because I never expected it would get to that extent. I immediately told him I didn’t want to but he said I should think about it. I left his office in cold spirits. I later told him I made up my mind and I didn’t want to have any extra relationship with him apart from work related things. 

Just last week, he told me that my job depended on his offer. This means that if I don’t sleep with him, I would lose my job. I haven’t been myself since then. I pleaded with him in every way I could for him to change his mind but he refused. Since then I have been so confused and angry about life. Why is everything so difficult for me. I have been unemployed for two solid years, walking around from one office to another. I went on several companies, wrote and passed some exams including interviews yet I was not chosen for the job. Now I was finally able to secure a job, My boss now wants to have sex with me. Why does life have to be this unfair to me? 

I have family and siblings depending on me and this job was a huge relief for all of us. I was able pay my sister’s exam fees and hospital bills for my father. I help out in the family and I regained my confidence because I had a job but now, everything is hanging on a balance. I don’t know which way to follow. I honestlu dread having sex with my boss and I don’t want to lose my job. I don’t think I can handle the problems and trauma that’s going to come with it. I don’t want to go back to being a jobless lady depending on my parents for everything. I want to have a life, I want to be happy, I want to have a job like every other person but here I am, faced with the greatest challenge of my life. I am seriously confused and I need help. What don’t know what to do. Please help me. I am dying. 

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