My boyfriend doesn’t look as good as I thought

Please keep me anonymous. I am in desperate need of your advice because I am in a situation where I don’t know what to do. I am a 26 year old lady. A recent graduate from a polytechnic in Anambra and currently working a part time job as a personal assistant. My last relationship ended in a very disastrous way. This happened when I was in level 300. It was so bad that it affected my academics and I performed poorly in my exams. I didn’t even know that I would survive.

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My boyfriend at that time cheated on me with a lady he claimed to just be his course mate. It really broke me and if not for my friends, I didn’t know how I would have handled that situation. I stayed away from relationships and matters of the heart from them till last year. I am someone with some level of social media presence. I frequently take pictures and upload other content on my social media handle. On one such occasion, I uploaded a picture of myself at work and I got many comments.

Some people also went an extra mile to send me direct messages. It wasn’t the first time it was happening but there was this particular guy that stood out. Initially I didn’t give him so much attention because I felt he was simply trying to get something I wasn’t interested in. However, as time passed, we began to converse. When it felt like the conversation was getting serious, I checked some of his pictures and they were not entirely bad. They weren’t exactly the ideal picture of a guy I wanted but on the other hand, they weren’t bad either.

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To cut the story short, he came to see me last week and I wasn’t pleased with the way he looked. He wore good clothes that seemed expensive as well but the combination was poor. Apart from that, he is not all that fine. He looks finer in pictures. Why I am actually confused is because this guy is a nice person, we have only been speaking for about five months and so far, he has been very nice to me. He cares about my welfare a lot more than many guys I have met in the past. He also listens to me and helps me when I am in need. I don’t know what to do about this.

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