My boyfriend has been seeing someone else all year long

Please help me and post this. I am very sad as I write to you. I have invested almost two years of my life in this relationship and at the end of everything, I found out that the guy I have been dating has been cheating on me. Exactly how long he has been doing this is what exactly I do not know. I met him during a party held at my friend’s place. We clicked because he has a good sense of humor. He made really funny jokes so he teased me about my dress and we started talking from there. We spoke about so many things. We spoke about life, the party host, crazy things happening in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. It took a long time and by the time we knew what was happening, the party had gone almost half and we continued until people began to disperse gradually. 

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When it was time for me to leave the party, we exchanged contacts and that was it. A lot of time passed, we had each other’s contact but we never really spoke often as expected. We were just replying to a few texts on WhatsApp including our WhatsApp status. He even followed me on Instagram and would always comment on my pictures and stories. On one sunny afternoon, I met him where I went to eat in a restaurant. Coincidentally, I met him with his friend, we exchanged pleasantries and in his usual jovial way he teased about my look and asked for a picture. I obliged and we took a lot of pictures with his friends, we made a lot of strange faces and honestly, I had a really great day. He spiced up my afternoon and they ended up sharing the same table with me. His friend paid for all our meals and we left. 

That was the beginning of our love story.  He was very nice to me. When he asked me out, he promised to take care of me and help me fix every necessary thing I needed. Since then he has kept to his promise. He took care of me and even helped me start up my current business. This guy has helped me in so many ways that I can’t even begin to explain. Our love life has been beautiful and even my friends admire our relationship. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what went wrong, he just changed. I feel so sad as I write to you. I don’t even know where to start. My friend said he bumped into him and the new girl in a cinema and from the way things looked, they were not looking like ordinary friends. 

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When I asked him later in the day about how he spent his day, he didn’t say anything about going to a cinema. He just said he took a day off work. I spoke about the cinema and initially he wanted to deny it but when he found out I wasn’t going to buy his lie, he admitted that he went to a cinema. The crazy thing is that the movie he saw with the stupid girl was even a movie I recommend. Earlier on, I told him that I wanted to see the movie since it was just released. I added it to our Christmas bucket list and he shamelessly went to see it with another girl. I was very angry and I didn’t even hide it. He apologized and said he had some explanations. I didn’t buy anything he was saying. I accused him of cheating and he denied it. The next day he called and said he was no longer interested in the relationship. I was shocked, he meant it and went ahead to ask me to return his spare key. I am very hurt. 

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