My boyfriend is always reluctant to give me money.

Please hide my identity. I am a student and I am currently in my second year. I haven’t been in a lot of relationships because I am not a fan of one. I am usually on my own and I have gotten so used to not having a man in my life. I have a lot of female friends who are very loyal to me. I also have male friends but we don’t have any relationship or anything serious. The first relationship I was in was in my first year. It ended because I had poor communication skills which always made the guy complain so much. Apart from that, he was quite proud and I couldn’t deal with all his excesses. We later broke up and I never got into another relationship until recently. I met this guy. He is not a student. He has a job and from a distance, you could actually tell that he is doing well. He has a good job, a very comfortable apartment and a good car. Generally he lived decently and had a great poise. When I first met him, he was quite polite and his sense of humor attracted him to me. He had come to my faculty to run some work related errands and we happened to meet. We exchanged contacts and he would call me at intervals. 

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We later started dating and he was sweet and romantic. He was nice and humble so I kind of preferred him to the other guy. Sincerely speaking, I felt like I finally found a relationship that would last considering the way he loved me and was all over me. He was really good but I found out something really odd about him. He was never willing to give me money even when he knew that I was a student. I find it hard to beg people for money but when we are dating, I expect you to at least give me money from time to time. I know that not everyone is financially stable or buoyant enough to effortlessly give people money but at least we are in a relationship and we are dating. Apart from that, I am a student and everyone including a little child knows that students need money for their academic needs and personal upkeep. 

He never gave me money willingly even when I complained that I was broke. I didn’t ask him directly for money but anyone who is thoughtful would offer to give you money. We are dating for crying out loud. I actually thought that he would give me money based on my inferences but he never did. He simply said that I would be fine. I was taken aback. Two days later, I openly asked him for money and I did that in a clear language without mincing words. I felt that since I asked, he would give me something but he did not. To my greatest surprise, he said that he didn’t have money. I was astonished to say the least. This guy earns well and it was very obvious. He tells me about many things he bought even some things that didn’t make sense to me  

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To crown it all, it was even the beginning of the month and he was just paid the previous week which meant that he still had some money left. Even if it was just 5k that he gave me, I would appreciate it. Apart from that we were dating and he had never given me money. He didn’t even say let him just give me money since I had to ask. I was really sad and it was at that point that I started to think twice about the relationship. I love this guy a lot but I don’t know if it is okay for him not to give me money since we have been dating. He has bought a few things for me and we have gone on several dates but is that all? Is it enough? Mind you, this is our 4th month of dating. Is it okay that he does not like to give me money? I am innocently curious.  

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