My boyfriend is getting married to another woman

Please hide my identity and post this as soon as you can. I am broken. My heart is in shreds as I write to you. The heart of man is indeed wicked. I never really thought that I would ever get to write to a relationship blog and worst, not even the kind of story that I am about to share with you. I have been an ardent follower of your page and I love how your community advises people. I have learnt quite a number of things from reading other people’s stories and now, I need help with mine. I didn’t know that I would be writing to you this soon and it is frustrating me. All thanks to the one I thought I loved. I met my boyfriend as far back as our university days. We started dating then and of course he had nothing. We were both students and we just loved each other even though there was not enough money as at then. 

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I was with this guy even when he was not giving me any reasonable amount of money. I knew everything I passed through because I was with this guy. While my friends were dating rich boys, I stuck with him. My situation is a typical example of suffering with him. I gave my all into the relationship. He was just a class ahead of me and he couldn’t even buy me so many things. Just food and it wasn’t as if it was frequent. We kept on going and he kept saying he loved me. I loved him too so I was there for him. Even after he graduated, our relationship was still going well. He would call me regularly and also came to see me from time to time. Even after he graduated, he was not doing anything tangible. He was just hustling and trying out a lot of things which I didn’t even know. 

I was patient with him. He would always call and talk about how frustrated he was becoming because he was jobless. I kept encouraging him. I never expected him to give me money or buy anything for me. I was even the person calling him regularly because he was financially unstable. He later got his breakthrough. He got a job in a good company and had good pay with accommodation. We dated for two more years after I graduated all along. I was thinking that he had plans of marrying me but he didn’t. He was just leading me on and I regret it. Last three months he started displaying a nasty attitude which was unusual. I spoke to him but nothing happened. 

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Last month, I found out he was entangled with someone. When I asked him he still denied it. My dear. What I am telling you now is that this boy has scheduled a wedding to be held next Saturday with this same lady. He said nothing was going on between them. I can’t believe it. I am broken. The worst part of it is that he didn’t even break up with me. We have been talking like everything is okay. How could he be so wicked? How could he treat me like a nobody after everything we have been through. I turned down so many suitors all because of this guy. I don’t know what my life will become right now without him. I can’t even begin to imagine it. I feel like I am going to create a scene at his wedding. I must scatter the wedding. He can’t hurt me like this and go Scot free. I won’t allow that to happen.  

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