My boyfriend of 2 years is getting married to my best friend of 6 years on 5th December – Broken Lady Speaks.

I have been dating my boyfriend for two years now. He was introduced to me by my friend who has been close to me since 6 years now. We have been great friends and kept in touch since then. We stay in the same location hence the ease of accessibility and communication. We always did things together. She was my go-to person for everything and the other way round.

She later introduced me to my boyfriend. According to her, she has known him since she was in secondary and he was a nice person. We were all friends, no string attached. He also stays in the same state as my friend and I so we meet once in a while. I later got close to him and we spoke regularly. 

I also noticed he was very close to my friend but I thought there was no extra bond apart from what they had as normal friends. My friend noticed I was getting closer with the guy as she teased me about it. I would always deny it but as time went on, I opened up to her about how I felt for the guy. She said he is a nice person and if I like him, I should shoot my shot. 

I was shy so I didn’t say anything to the guy. We met talking and after sometime, he asked me out. I agreed without hesitation and told my friend about it. She was so happy for me and always addresses me by the guy’s surname. The three of us continued being great friends.

I kept on noticing the closeness between my friend and my boyfriend but I always thought it was the usual friendship. Also, she has a boyfriend who is very rich and cares about her a lot. My boyfriend knows too so I felt there was no way they would have anything going on since both of them were dating different people. 

I was wrong though. They have been seeing each other since God knows when and I always thought it was nothing. I didn’t even find out until my boyfriend started acting strange. He became laid back and would always want to be alone. Our communication reduced and we barely spoke on WhatsApp. He doesn’t call me as before and when I visit him, he doesn’t look happy to see me. 

I asked him what the problem was but nothing came out of it. I also told my friend and he didn’t change. Two months ago, he called me and broke up with me without any reason. I begged him and cried. My friend was there to console me. I was gradually getting over it when my communication with my friend began to drop. She got a new job that was demanding so I didn’t really bother since I felt it was her new job taking her time. 

Guys, I saw their pre wedding picture on Friday. My boyfriend and my best friend will be getting married on 5th December. I don’t even know how to react. I have tried calling the both of them but I think they blocked me. I called them with another line and each time they heard my voice, they hung up. 

I don’t know what I did to deserve this cruel treatment. I have been a good person to both of them, I always come through for them when they have any problem. Why will they treat me this way? I am trying so hard to move on like nothing happened but the pain is too much. How am I supposed to forget about this? This is beyond me. 

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