My boyfriend turned down my request to visit him for valentine

Please hide my identity before you post. I am very furious as I write to you. I am beginning to question if at all I am in a relationship or I am just fooling myself and hoping for someone who doesn’t feel anything meaningful for me. It is no news that Valentine’s day is a special day to celebrate love especially with someone you love so much or even someone you are in a relationship with. I have been looking forward to this year’s valentine since it was going to be our first valentine as lovers.

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We started dating in August last year and so far, except for this recent incident, I would have said that our relationship has been going smoothly. Although it is long distance relationship, we still have a great time and also find ways to enjoy each other’s company. Before now, he has always looked forward to meeting me and it’s the same feeling for me. Because I love him so much, I always wanted to visit him and spend good time with him. Since we started dating, I have visited him at least once in six or seven weeks.

I am a student and I try to visit him whenever I have free time in school. This year’s valentine, I was willing to miss classes to even be with him. I planned to leave Anambra for his place on Thursday since my Friday lectures were not always serious. When I told him, he came up with an excuse that he wasn’t going to be at home during the weekend, that he would return on Saturday. I told him I could still stay without him but he insisted he didn’t want me to stay alone so I chilled. On Friday night I told him that I will be leaving on Saturday morning but he didn’t respond.

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He still came up with another excuse. I was so pissed, I confronted him about it and told him plainly that he didn’t want me to come. He said there was no need for me to travel all the way to Lagos because of valentine. I know it’s just an excuse. I smell something fishy. I think he has a main girlfriend and I am just some side chick or something. Since the weekend he has been giving me a cold attitude. He doesn’t chat long or Whatsapp and he always lowers his voice when we are on a call. He didn’t even send me a valentine gift. He said he’ll send me something later. I am sad. What do I do? He is cheating on me.

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