My boyfriend wants me to turn down my job and opportunity to travel abroad

Please help me. I am in a very tight situation as I write to you. I am stuck between choosing the man I love and choosing the job that would change my life and that of my family for life. I am a 28 year old lady who has struggled so much to get to this point. At the beginning stage of my life, I had a lot of bad experiences. I was greeted with so much rejection that I didn’t trust ever making it in life. I came from a poor background which made things quite difficult for me in school. I didn’t even have enough to feed myself or buy books.

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In my final year, which was when I was 23 years, I met this guy that I am dating now. He was so helpful to me that time. He would always help me with my assignments and sometimes with food. In final year, I had the biggest financial challenge because I had a lot of things to do, clearance, project and many other things. He was so pivotal to all that I achieved. After I graduated, he helped me out with getting a good nysc placement and also with my first job. We have been very close since then with no strings attached.

When I was 25, we started dating. We have been dating since then and he also knows that I have been applying for a scholarship or jobs abroad. Sometimes he applies for himself too. He also helps me write some essays for these jobs sometimes. There were also days when he would send me opportunities and jobs to apply for. Many times, get rejection emails but he kept encouraging me not to give up. Now, I finally got a job and he is asking me not to leave. Like he is really asking me to turn it down. I was very shocked and sad. 

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When I asked him why I would do that, he said that he didn’t want to lose me and there was a high possibility that when I leave, I would forget him and all the good times we had. I promised him I won’t. Initially, I thought he was joking about it but currently, I know he wasn’t. Now he is threatening to end the relationship if I finally decide to leave. I feel so sad and confused. This guy has been very helpful to me and we have been through a lot together. I love him but this job would change my life. My siblings are still struggling in school although I help them but I know that this job will make a lot of things easier for my family. 

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