My boyfriend wants to end our relationship because I didn’t post his picture on World Boyfriend’s Day. Please help – Nigerian Lady seeks help.

I would prefer to have my identity hidden. I’m 27 and my boyfriend is 29. We’ve been dating for 3 years now and regardless of our numerous quarrels, we have found ways to stay together. The recent issue is something that looks small but is almost bringing my relationship to an end.

It all started on Friday, the day before the world boyfriend’s day. You know how people were hyping the boyfriends day and telling guys to ensure their ladies post their pictures with the appropriate caption. My boyfriend spoke about it and was anticipating the tags that will follow. He sent me really nice pictures that were about 7 and told me to pick any number I would like and post them. 

I didn’t drag it. I just said okay and we continued our normal conversation. Everything was going well until the following day being the world boyfriend’s day. I called him in the morning as I’ve always done and wished him a pleasant day ahead. He now asked me where I’m taking him to or what I will do for him since he has been a great boyfriend. Jokingly,  I told him to choose. He did and we laughed over it. 

Later on, he sent me a message on WhatsApp telling me he’s yet to see his picture on my status and other social media accounts. He asked if u haven’t downloaded the ones he sent or chosen the ones I love. I told him I would still post it and we continue let discussing. Later around 3pm, he sent me another message saying he hasn’t seen the pictures yet. My exact reply was ‘you wan make I pursue my future husband, abeg o. Lol’ This exactly meant, do you want me to scare my future husband. Sincerely, I was not serious. I was only joking. 

He got angry and said he always knew I take him for granted and there are other guys I’m seeing. I tried explaining to him that I was only joking and I hadn’t posted his pictures because I was very busy at work. He was not buying any of it. He went on and on, calling me names and saying other things that really got to me. 

When it was clear to him he was going overboard, I gave him a piece of my mind and stopped replying to his messages on WhatsApp. He called me and I refused to answer because I was pissed off about the horrible things he said to me. When he called for the sixth time, I answered and he didn’t stop raining insults on me. 

It took all the strength in me not to talk back at him. I tried making him understand that I do not like social trends and posting his picture on World Boyfriend’s Day does not mean I love him more than I already did. I simply didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. He was still angry and wouldn’t listen to any of my reasons. 

I was angry too so we didn’t speak for the rest of the day. The following day, he didn’t call or text me as usual so I had to send him a message on WhatsApp. He read it but didn’t reply. I sent him another detailed message containing my reasons for not posting his pictures and apologizing for the way I reacted. He still didn’t reply even after reading my messages.  I was beginning to feel annoyed. 

I called him and he sounded very reluctant over the phone. He said he doesn’t want to continue with the relationship. I was dumbstruck. I thought he was joking so I told him I was going to come over so I would take him to his favorite spot as I promised the previous day. He said I shouldn’t worry. I felt it was his usual way of wanting me to go an extra mile or pamper him. 

I dressed up and went over to his place. He wasn’t happy to see me. When I got inside, I apologized for everything and tried kissing and hugging him. He just pushed me aside and told me he meant what he said over the phone. He went inside and brought my things which he already packed in a bag. I couldn’t believe it. I was in tears yet he didn’t look or speak to me. I begged him and he didn’t budge. This is a relationship of three years. How could he just end it over a mere picture. To be honest with you, I still love him and will do anything to get back with him. I’m still praying he is just playing games. What do I do? I can’t imagine losing him in my life. He has been my pillar these past 3 years. 

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