My brother-in-law disrespects me

Please keep me anonymous. I need your advice on what to do. I am a married woman with a son that is two years old. My husband and I have been living well since the past three years we got married. He is a very lovely man and he cares for me a lot. He is very interested in anything that concerns me and he doesn’t hesitate to come to my aid when I need him. We have been living peacefully and I am very lucky to be married to a man like this. He takes care of me and my son properly and I can say he is the best decision I have ever made in this life.

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The only problem we are beginning to have is due to my husband’s brother. He is my husband’s immediate younger brother so my husband is just three years older than him. He comes to visit the house sometimes and whenever he comes, he always finds a way to get on my nerves but because of the kind of person that I am, I always overlook it partly because he doesn’t stay long. Most times he doesn’t even exceed one week so I always play along and ignore him since his visit doesn’t last at all.

This time around, he is going to stay longer than usual. He got a job in my location and because he is yet to get a house of his own, he is going to work temporarily from my house. Each time he is around, he always turns the house upside down. Whenever he comes back from work, he leaves his shoes in the sitting room. He has free access to the kitchen and sometimes he will take all the food without remaining any for my husband who comes home later than him.

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The first time I complained, he said I was being bossy and stingy with food. In order to avoid him, I began to scoop out my husband’s food and hide it. These days, he will walk into the sitting room and if I’m alone, he will change the tv show I’m watching to something else without even informing me. I feel so offended and I used to ignore him but I can’t continue to do that because I don’t even know how long he is going to stay. He is getting on my nerves and I don’t want to be violent at all.

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