My brother wants me to leave my husband to join him in the US. What should I do?

I am 27 years old and u have been married for almost two years. Before I got married, my family, especially my brothers, were not in support of me marrying my current husband. He was struggling when he came to marry me and weirdly, I loved him and I believed things will change for the better. My brothers warned me strongly against marrying him, they even threatened to stay away from me but we both loved each other so we still got married regardless of all the forces that were against us. At that time, my husband was a graduate without any good paying job. He was a teacher in a private secondary school and as expected, his pay was nothing to write home about. While he was seriously struggling, I came from a family that had more than enough to give me. I do not lack and things were usually easy for me at home. 

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When I met my husband, he was nice and jovial. Speaking to him alone made me feel some type of way and sincerely, my mind was always at peace each time I saw him. I didn’t know what it was I saw in him but he was very honest, smart, talented and highly courteous. There were so many exceptional things about him that I saw but no one else saw that. After all the challenges surrounding our marriage, my parents finally gave me their consent and prayed for my husband and I. My siblings on the other hand were not in support of anything that was going on so they swore never to have anything to do with me as long as I stayed married to him. It was a difficult decision to make but I loved my husband and I chose him. 

It has been almost two years of my marriage and I think all I feel is regret and anger. Things are extremely difficult for my husband and I. I felt that things will change but they have only gotten worse. My husband doesn’t even earn enough to put food on our table. I work as well but things are honestly very difficult for us. Since we got married, we haven’t even had any children. We have been to various hospitals and also to see many gynaecologists but all to no avail. They keep saying that we are both fine yet I haven’t been able to conceive. All I feel as I type this is pain and regret. I don’t know what I did to myself. I can barely recognize myself, I look so lean, hungry, abandoned and devastated. No one agrees to help me even when I know that my family has enough to help us. I no longer feel happy in this marriage and I regret my decision to marry against my brothers’ will. 

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I called my elder brother the other day to plead for money and he said he was only going to help me if I leave my husband. I didn’t understand him and why he would suggest that. He went on to say that if I leave the marriage, he will process my visa and have me meet him in the US where he’ll take good care of me. I am at a loss for what to do. I regret this marriage but I don’t know how to leave. My husband is a good man and things  may still work out for him. I don’t know if I should leave or stay. I made a vow to always be there for him and I really want to keep to that vow. I don’t know what to do. I am very very confused. I need a good life. I honestly do because nothing is working out in this marriage. What should I do? 

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