My brother wants to marry my friend who sleeps around with men – Lady speaks.

I need your suggestions please. I have this friend that I met while in school. We were very good friends although she had questionable character. She was seeing different men even when she had a boyfriend that loved and cared for her a lot. She always gave the excuse that she needed money to take care of herself and meet other responsibilities. Her dad was late so it was just her mom taking care of the family. She has an elder brother who is not yet well established so she could not depend on him for money. Her mother on the other hand was a petty trader who sold fruits to care for her family. My friend had three younger ones. So she always used this as an excuse whenever I called her to order. She was a nice person, I can’t dispute that but u didn’t like the way she was seeing different men and sleeping with them for money. 

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I do not come from a wealthy home either but we were comfortable and my family took good care of me. Because of this, I always had extra money to give her when the need arises. I help her pay some of our departmental dues and also bought some books for her whenever I could. My house was not so far from school. Just about 45 minutes or an hour’s ride away from my hostel. As a result of this, I used to go home frequently to see my parents and also get foodstuffs. My friend and I were so close so she would always ask to go with me and I never refused. On one of the days we went to my house, my elder brother was around and he is usually very jovial. So he welcomed my friend and we spoke for a very long time about random things. We played games and talked about childhood and school experiences. 

When we were about to leave, my brother asked for her contact and I didn’t have a problem with that. About two days later, my brother called me over the phone and said he liked my friend. I simply told him that she was dating so he should limit whatever they had to normal friendship and that was the last we ever spoke about it. My friend on the other hand never said anything to me about my brother and I didn’t care to ask. Quite some time passed and we graduated but we were still close friends even though we stayed in different location. Once in a while, my brother will ask me about my friend and I’ll reply casually. I asked if he still spoke with her but he said no little did I know that they were already dating. 

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Just two weeks ago, my brother called to inform me that he found someone to marry. I was excited only for him to tell me that it was my friend. I couldn’t believe it. He apologized for not telling me while they were dating but I wasn’t having any of that. I called my friend and she apologized too. I don’t have any problem with them being friends but as for getting married, it’s a no no for me. I can’t watch my brother get married to someone who has been sleeping around as far back as I can remember. I told him about her escapades and he said he knew. He said she told him about everything even before she agreed to date him and he was willing to go ahead. I can’t believe this. The girl I know will never change and I have been trying to make my brother understand this but he wouldn’t listen. I can’t watch that happen, my brother can’t marry her. It can’t happen. I don’t know what to do to stop them. I’m thinking of telling my parents. What do you think? Is it a great idea or there’s something better? Please help.

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