My cheating husband and his friends raped me for moving out of the house – Lady narrates

A lady is seeking advice after her cheating husband raped her alongside his friends after she moved out of the house with her children because she caught him cheating.

Her story below …

“Good evening. I want to know how many girls that will forgive their husband for this grievous act. My family is making it look like I’m overreacting. issue with my husband of 5 years. He cheated on me and I found out. I packed my things and left with my children. I Went to my fathers house and they rejected me, I should go and make my marriage work. I rented an apartment and staying alone with my children. One night, my husband came to my house in unannounced with two of his friends and they rpped me. They took their turns on me. It didn’t end there. My husband posted my half ndde picture on Facebook. I was tying towel. Just came out from bathroom. He posted with a caption. Public psssy for sale. Guys feel free to take your turns. My family doesn’t want to fight him because he’s rich. This is 6months he did that. He’s back asking for forgiveness. That he loves me and can’t do without me..He wants his wife back. My family is saying should go back. At least he has apologized.”

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