My child’s genotype doesn’t match mine nor my wife’s own.

One of my major deal breakers especially in marriage, is cheating. I hate cheating a lot. I may be able to forgive every other wrongdoing but that cheating breaks my heart and I doubt I can forgive that. I have three children, of which the youngest is six years old. I am a business analyst and my wife works with an insurance company here in Abuja. We have both been very tolerant of each other and to be very honest with you, I love my wife deeply and try so much to make her happy. We dated for four years before I proposed to her so we have actually known each other for a very long time now.

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I went to pick up my kids from school last week and while we were in the car heading home, I was casually asking them about their day and if they have any challenges or assignments just like I have always done when picking them up. My  youngest child told me that her teacher asked them to bring a lab result showing their genotype and blood group. I didn’t bother because it’s a normal thing the school does and the test has to be carried out in a hospital or medical laboratory chosen by the school. Since I was less busy the following day so, I decided to take my child to the lab for the test.

The results were ready two days later and I went to collect it. Surprisingly, my daughter’s genotype was AS. I was shocked because my wife and I are both AA so I was wondering how the result came about. Ideally, all my children should be AA. I was curious but I didn’t mention this to my wife. I could have easily said it was a mistake but this hospital is usually very reliable. Later, I took my child to another lab and the results were the same. I have asked doctors and nurses if this is medically possible but they all said it wasn’t. So from the look of things, this child is not mine. I have confronted my wife and she is still claiming she is my child.

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I want to do a paternity test but I am afraid that it will show that I am not the father of my child. I love my daughter so much and I will be terribly hurt if she is not mine. This issue has brought a huge problem between my wife and I because she thinks that I don’t trust her but this is about to ruin or eliminate whatever we had because I am not giving up. I am afraid, what if my fears are confirmed. I love my family so much, especially my wife. We have been through a lot together and I don’t want anything to come between us. What if she really cheated on me? I will be broken. I don’t know what to know. My wife has  been acting uneasy lately. I don’t know if I’m ready to face a cheating wife. What can I do please?

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