My cousin tried to kill me out of jealousy.

Bayo Ajibola

Oh lord I want to thank you that March 30th 2020 was not my last day. I was not feeling fine so I took injections that made me sleep. I woke up not seeing my phones iPhone X and samsung note 2 my purse my money atm and all… I called my cousin she said she was not the person that took it despite being the last person that left the house.

I kept quiet she came home and asked why I was not crying I smiled and said my God will provide another phone for me when am fine and better… in the mid night around 4am when I was sleeping I woke up to meet my cousin hand on my neck trying to kill me using iron to hit my head shouting I must die today… “Vic you must die today” Strangling my neck so hard I was shouting and screaming help me blood was pouring over my mouth.

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I was just about to give up before my neighbour came in, she told my neighbour “don’t worry she has convulsion”. she kept hitting me with the iron saying nobody will help you here.. until they broke the door in . Few weeks back, she asked me where the documents of my car is she said I should give her to keep for me. Thank God I did not gave it to her. She want to kill me because of my shop my house my car and my phones. This is my cousin I love so much, feed and do so many things for.

I don’t know what I have done wrong. This cousin did not even pity my dad I am his only child. My atm is with her she knows my pin am afraid now if she haven’t withdrawn all my money. Been searching for her since yesterday nowhere to be find.. In case anybody sees her, her name is Blessing Ngozii please you all should help me beg her to leave my life alone.

I should have been dead if not for God and my neighbours. Now I can no longer stay in my house.

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I have to start sleeping anywhere, In my friends house… I have nothing to eat no phone I can’t move my neck My throat hurt I can’t go to the hospital Because of this corona stuff and she stole my atm card and phone, I can’t do bank transfer. They said your best friend can be your worst enemy. This is like film to me. Blessing and anybody that’s involved to take my life because I bought a small car because of jealousy please I am begging you in the name of God leave me alone trust NOBODY pls I need justice 

Bayo Ajibola

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