My current boyfriend is my ex-boyfriend’s cousin. I have a dirty past and my ex boyfriend knows. What do I do?

Please don’t reveal my identity. I have a boyfriend and we are so much in love with each other. We have been dating for just six months and because of how much we love each other and how understanding my boyfriend is, we are planning to get married. He has proposed to me and we are making plans for him to come and see my people. 

The problem now is that I found out that my current boyfriend is my ex boyfriend’s cousin. It was on a Thursday and we were doing a throwback Thursday thing. We were both going through our old pictures. For each picture, we would share the experiences surrounding it and other things that happened on the day the picture was taken. 

We came across a picture he took with his cousin. I recognized him and asked who he was. He said that the guy is his cousin. I asked why he never told me about him and he said they are not very close and they only talk once in a while or when they have a family function. 

I was scared. I was no longer enjoying the whole throwback thing so I suggested we do something else. Since then I have not been myself. The truth is that I have a shady past. I dated my ex boyfriend for three years and he found out I was cheating on him. Then, he was broke and didn’t have enough money to take care of me. I loved him but I needed money to take care of so many things in my life. 

This made me have an affair with a married man. The man was very rich and would always give me so much money. In return for his monetary support, I always met him at a hotel as he requested. I always supported my boyfriend through the money I got from the man. I helped him a lot and at a point, I paid his school fees. 

I also bought him food and sometimes clothes. I was getting the bigger money for the relationship. Each time he asked where I got the money from, I would tell him it’s from my uncles. He really loved me then. Things got bad when his friend saw me and the man walk into a hotel room. He suspected me and monitored my movement. 

When he was certain I was having an affair with the man, he went and told my boyfriend who was disappointed. To cut the long story short, my boyfriend went through my phone and found out I was cheating on him. He later caught me on one of my visits with the man to a hotel. I tried to explain things to him but he wouldn’t hear any of it. That was how he ended the relationship.

Now I am very scared and uncertain about what is going to happen. My current boyfriend has agreed to go and see my people. I do not know what will happen if his cousin tells him about my dirty past. Honestly, I am a changed person now and I don’t engage in such behavior anymore. I ended whatever I had with that married man immediately my boyfriend broke up with me. I took up a low paying job to take care of myself. 

What do you think I should do? Should I tell my boyfriend by myself or I should act like I don’t know? But what if his cousin tells him? What will I do? I am really a changed person and all that was in the past. Help me because this is too much. My current boyfriend is a very nice and sweet guy and I am not ready to lose him. 

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