My ex is asking for sex before giving me a job in a large firm

I know a lot of people would want to curse me or call me various terrible names because of what I am about to share but please, I beg you to be calm and understand my situation before you jump into conclusion. I am a 36 year old mother of five children, my husband is 40 and earns a meagre income as a cashier in a company. His salary is not even enough to provide three square meals not to talk of paying school fees and rent. I used to have a job that enables me to support whatever he brings to the table but I lost the job after the establishment I was working with had financial problems and had to downsize. I was affected and since then, things have been very terrible for our family.

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I decided to start a small business just in front of our house with the little money I got from my elder brother. I started selling provisions but the profit is so little and doesn’t do much. We have all been struggling and my family, especially kids, are looking very malnourished and poor. I have been looking for better jobs but nothing is forthcoming. I finally got this heads up from my friend about a new company that’s hiring and she encouraged me to go. I didn’t take chances at all so I went. The job matches my qualifications and I had an idea on what to do because I already did that kind of job before. I passed the first phase of the interview which was conducted by a staff member.

The second phase was meant to be conducted by a senior partner in the firm and when it was my turn, I walked in only to see my ex boyfriend as the interviewer. We ended things in a rough way so I didn’t know what to do. To go straight to the point, he called me later and after several times of talking, he said the role I was applying for was competitive but he would let me have the job if I slept with him. I felt bad that time but I have been thinking about it ever since then. I don’t know what to do. This job will change the life of my family completely. It is big money and will save us from poverty. I don’t know how to face this temptation. I begged him for another option but he wouldn’t even listen to me.

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This guy is my ex and we have had sex before but ever since I got married, I have been a very faithful wife. I have never cheated on my husband and I have been very honest with him. Now, this request is something that I don’t know how to go about. Something tells me to forget about it but that will mean living in our current penury. I look at my hungry children and I feel disappointed. I am hardworking but nothing seems to be working. If I decide to do as he requests, what if he continues to ask for more even after I get the job? I don’t know what to do. I am very confused and I need your help. Don’t insult me please, just advise me on that so that I will know what to do. I am at the crossroads currently.

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