My family is now free from domestic violence – Bose Omotoyossi

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Popular Nigerian actress, Bose Omotoyossi, who is married to Beninese footballer, Razak Omotoyossi, has opened up on the domestic violence issue plaguing her family and she mentioned that her family has been free from it.

Recall that the actress had mentioned in an interview sometime ago that they were both undergoing therapy. Read here.

She had said: To be honest with you, I and my husband are violent towards each other and we’re trying to get help.

Whenever he hits me, I retaliate but everybody knows that he can beat me.Every marriage has issues but we often expect too much from our partners.

There was a time my pastor even told me that I should put water in my mouth whenever I am angry but it didn’t work and I spat out the water when we were fighting.

We are both undergoing therapy right now. Now, I am very quiet; even when my husband is upset, I keep calm. I thank God that there is peace in our marriage now and I pray there wouldn’t be any incidence of domestic violence again’.

And now Bose Omotoyossi is very certain that the therapy has had its positive effect and the family is living in bliss right now:

“The therapy has been very helpful and now, I can say we even understand and love each other more. It is normal for marriages to have tough times but what matters is how you come out of it. There will be nothing like domestic violence in my home again.”

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