My father has been beating my mom for almost 25 years of their marriage. How do I save my mom?

Please hide my identity. I am 23 years old and I recently got married to my husband. We had our wedding this October and things have been going well between us. My husband is a very nice guy and we understand each other so well. However, I got married early partly because I wanted to leave my house. My father is always beating my mom and it hurts me so much. 

They have been married for 29 years and things never seem to improve between them. My mom is a nice woman and she is very easygoing. The problem is always from my dad. I can beat my chest and swear that he never loved my mom. There are times when I talk with my mom and she says she regrets marrying him. 

She said they used to be in love, like madly in love but things changed when she couldn’t conceive for more than five years of their marriage. According to my mom, my dad became violent and would always attack her. She loved him and thus, stayed back. She said she kept praying and going to hospitals to check herself and look for solutions. 

My dad on the other hand at some point stopped following her to the hospital because he concluded my mom was barren and could never birth a child. Regardless of all my mom was passing through, she stayed back. She also said she contemplated leaving the marriage at some point but then she went against her family’s wishes so she couldn’t return. 

My mom’s family never supported her marrying my father so she couldn’t even go to complain about his attitude to them. It was also one of the reasons why my dad treated her wrongly because he knew she wasn’t in good terms with her family, thus couldn’t go home. 

My mother later conceived me and gave birth. It still didn’t stop his poor behavior. While growing up, my siblings and I got used to seeing my dad beat my mom and humiliate her in front of people. He didn’t love us either so we could barely go close to him or ask for anything. 

To stay away from these problems, I got married. My husband is a nice man but my mind is not at rest knowing that my mom is still not safe. My father still beats her and I am afraid he’ll ruin her or end her life one day. I want to know how I can help my mother. I want to know how I can save her from the hands of my father. 

My younger brother called me last week to inform me that my dad beat my mom and hurt her badly. She has bruises and her eyes are swollen. He sent the picture to me and I couldn’t be myself anymore. My mom is in pain. Deep pain. She has gotten used to staying with my father and his troubles but I am scared he’d beat her to death one day. 

I want to save my mother. I want her to live a good life. Please help me. How do I achieve this? Is there any agency I can run to? Or any individual or organization that can fight for my mom. I need her to be alive and happy please. 

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