My father-in-law wants me to train his last child

Please keep me anonymous. I am currently 32 and I recently got married to the love of my life and my best friend. She is the one who brings me peace and makes me happy at all times and I definitely couldn’t have asked for a better partner. She is 26 and has all the amazing qualities I have always wanted in a woman. In addition to that she is tall, dark, pretty, has a good sense of humor and understands me perfectly. She worked with a company in Ogun and she contributed so much to my growth and overall happiness. We got married in December after dating for 2 years. We weren’t staying in the same location but we were able to find a common ground. I earn more than her even though she earns well on her own. I stay in Abuja but she agreed to relocate and join me and she did so after our wedding.

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The trying thing is that currently, she doesn’t have a job because she resigned to join me and build a family. I know it was very difficult for her and I appreciate her taking such bold steps for our future. I earn enough to take care of both of us and I ensure she doesn’t lack neither do I try to make her feel bad for not having a job. I know what it feels like to be out of a job so I ensure she is as comfortable as possible. We have both been searching for a new job but none suits her qualifications. She has been doing little online to fetch her money. Moreover, we spent so much for the wedding and traditional marriage so we are just trying to recuperate. 

Her father called two weeks ago to make a silly request. Was it even a request? It was more of an order than a request. When he called, he was courteous enough to ask how we were fairing. However, upon knowing that his daughter is currently out of a job, he still had the nerve to tell her that he wants to send the last child to Abuja to stay with us and possibly process her admission from my house. The call was on loud speaker so I could clearly hear the conversation. My wife wasn’t so direct with her reply, I guess it was because it was her father and also the person in question was her sister. She told her dad that she was out of a job and all the expenses were on me so it wouldn’t be nice to add another person to us since we were trying to manage. 

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As if her reply wasn’t enough, he said that she doesn’t eat much and won’t cause much problem. That was such a useless thing to say. Later, my wife brought up the issue and I clearly told her I didn’t want it. Apart from the feeding aspect, we just got married so we need every privacy we could get. At least, we need to have fun, enjoy eachothers company and be happy. A third party won’t give us that opportunity or freedom and it is too early to feel uncomfortable in my own home. She called her father and told him our conclusion but he was not moved. He said we were being inconsiderate and ended the call angrily. My wife has been disturbed since then and the communication between her and her family has been poor since then. Her mother is against the husband’s idea but the man is too strong willed and doesn’t understand things. How do I handle this? I have not spoken to the man since this issue started.  

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