My father is a pedophile. He has been molesting my 6 year old cousin. – Nigerian Lady

Please hide my identity. I am scared to my bones as I write to you. I recently found out that my father of 22 years is a pedophile. I just found out last week and since then, I haven’t been myself. My little cousin stays with us since her parents are always busy. They live a few blocks away from my house but because of the nature of their business, my mom took in the child so she could have a better education. So it’s as if the girl lives permanently with us. She is just 6 and her mom comes to see her during weekends. Sometimes she goes to her house too but she stays mostly in our house. 

I came back for Christmas holiday so I was bathing her last week Sunday when we were preparing for church. When I got to her vagina, I tried washing it and she jerked. I tried again and she let out a loud cry. It got my attention and I didn’t know what could be the cause of her pain. I asked her if she was okay or if she injured herself while playing and she said she didn’t. I closely examined her vagina and it was looking rough and a bit swollen.

I asked her if anyone was touching her and she said yes. She said my father was and I couldn’t believe it. I was scared, angry and confused. I finished bathing her and we went to church. My mood was totally off till we got back from church. In the evening when my dad was away, I went to see my mom to complain to her about what I found out. To my greatest surprise, she knew. She said she also had the same experience and my cousin told her the same thing. 

I asked my mom if she has confronted my dad or told anyone about it but she said no. She said she didn’t know how to go about it and she didn’t want people to find out about who her husband was and things he did. She also couldn’t send the child home since she was already a part of our family. These reasons sounded horrible to me and they still do. 

I am still shocked and heartbroken. I don’t know how best to approach this situation. I know it’s a completely stupid thing to allow this matter slide. I can’t continue to let my niece stay with us because of her health. I don’t even know how to confront my father. He used to be a loving man but now, all I see is a monster. I can’t even face him. All I feel for him is complete hatred and disgust. 

How do I handle this situation? Should I report to the police or what? I don’t even have any evidence since it’s just my cousin’s words against his. I am totally confused right now. Please help me. I need to save my cousin before its too late. 

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