My fiance called off our wedding. I can’t believe it.

Please help me. I am in a dilemma. I dated this guy for two years before he proposed to me four months ago. We have been making wedding plans in earnest but he just called off our wedding three days ago. I could not believe my eyes, I thought it was a joke but it is gradually turning out to be a reality. He proposed to me during my last birthday party which he hosted for me in my apartment. I was the happiest person then and part of my joy was that I was getting married to someone I love and cherish. I believed he loved me too and my joy was complete. We faced a lot of odds in our dating days and I was glad we were finally going to settle down and spend the rest of our lives together. 

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We were from different tribes and convincing my parents to allow me to marry him was not an easy task. They believed I should have settled with someone from my tribe, at least it was closer to home and I would have nothing to worry about. They also believed that people from my fiancé’s tribe were dishonest and they seized every opportunity to try and convince me against my plans to marry him. I loved him and that was what mattered to me. Besides, I believed that all those things were mere stereotypes and that my boyfriend was a huge exception. He has always loved and respected me. He always sought the best for me and that was what I was interested in so I stayed with him regardless of what people thought about him. 

Part of the reason why I also stayed with him was because I was getting older and people were beginning to say a lot of things behind my back. Moreover, I was not getting more suitors as before and I was lonely. So when my fiancé came along, I was happy because he brightened my life and treated me well. I cared less about what people thought, the stereotypes and all. I was obviously happy and I didn’t want anyone. After he proposed to me, I already started planning my wedding. I chose my wedding dress and also picked a wedding venue. The wedding was scheduled to hold this coming month, by the third week of May. Every plan was going smoothly and I was excited until he sent me a text three days ago. 

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His message was cold and bore no emotions. He simply thanked me for finding him worthy to spend the few years of my life with and also for being willing to spend the remaining days with him. He went on to say he realized he could not continue with our plans of getting married and hope that I forgive him and move on with my life. After I read his message, my heart sank. I could not believe any of the things he said. A part of me was afraid and I hoped it wasn’t true. I hurriedly called him but he wasn’t answering. I sent him countless messages and he replied none of them. He gave no reason for calling off the wedding and that makes it more difficult for me. It’s been three days and I haven’t heard anything from him. 

I already told a lot of people that I am getting married. I don’t know how to deal with this hurt. I don’t know how to deal with everyone around me. How do I face my colleagues at work or my parents? Please help me. I am going insane. 

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