My fiance ended our relationship because I’m a single mom

Please post this as fast as you can. I am in a deep fix as I write to you. I am a single mom of a 6 year old beautiful girl. I got pregnant with her when I was in university. I Was deeply in love with her father then and one thing led to another and I got pregnant. It was a difficult phase for me as I faced a lot of rejection and I was stigmatized and made fun of by a lot of people. To worsen my situation, the father of my child abandoned me, moved out of his house, changed his phone number and severed ties with me. 

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There was absolutely no means for me to reach him. I kept the baby and raised her in a very difficult way and she grew up to look exactly like her father. I live alone with my daughter and to be frank with you, it has not been easy raising her alone and that mocking look I get from people has not stopped yet. It’s just that I have gotten used to it and I now have better ways of dealing with it although it weighs me down sometimes. I have tried to get into a new relationship but I have not been very lucky. It’s either the men are married or they just want a fling or they stay away from me when they find out I have a daughter. 

Two years ago, I met this man who made me feel like I mattered. He took me seriously and showed me that regardless of having a child, I deserved to be seen and loved. He loved me so much and there was not even the tiniest of doubt in my heart. He treated me well and got along with my child. I felt loved and he even made my daughter feel loved even more. I thought the universe was finally being great to me after many years of dealing with failed relationships. Things we working out between us and I was beginning to get so sure that we would end up together forever but things changed. 

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In December, we made plans to see each other’s parents. I was really nervous about meeting his family because I didn’t know if they were going to accept me due to my daughter. I told my boyfriend about it and he assured me that they would. I went to see them on 28th December and everyone welcomed me warmly. I felt loved and when we left, I asked my boyfriend if he told them about my daughter and he said no. I pressured him to tell them and he agreed. This January  I noticed he was acting off, hasn’t visited my house as he used to and when I tried to visit him he refused. On Tuesday, he called and said he wouldn’t marry me anymore because of my child as his family didn’t approve it. I have been in tears since then and I hate myself even more. Will I ever find love? Why is life this way? 

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