My fiancé gave my brother a loan. He’s refusing to pay it back and now my parents hate my fiancé for threatening to take him to court and want me to break up with him.

Bayo Ajibola

My brother is the golden child. All our life our parents have handed him things and have conditioned me and my sister to do the same. So, when my brother asked my fiancé for a loan, I stupidly didn’t tell him not to give him it. The thing is my brother never pays anyone back. I’ve given him £5k+ before and I’ve never seen a penny back. My brother was supposed to pay my fiancé back last week, and to no one’s surprise he claimed he didn’t have the money.

I think my fiancé would’ve just dropped it but my brother said some pretty degrading things about my fiancé and his family and their financial situation to his face. He then made a tasteless joke about how they (my family) should ask him for a bride price. Turns out, my fiancé is smarter than the rest of us and had my brother sign an agreement before he gave him the money. He’s now threatening to take him to court if he doesn’t repay him the money by the end of November.

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My parents are furious because my brother definitely doesn’t have the money to repay him and they think my fiancé is greedy and selfish. They’ve been demanding I break up with him since because they don’t want someone like that in the family.

My sister is egging my fiancé on because my brother has taken a lot of money from her before too and she thinks he deserves this. My SIL has been begging me to make my fiancé drop it since they really can’t afford it and they just had a baby.

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My fiancé said he doesn’t want any of them (excluding my sister) coming to our wedding.

I don’t want to break up with my fiancé, but I also don’t want to get married without my parent’s being there. I know they’re in the wrong here, but I feel like banning my parents who never took the money is a bit extreme. What can I do to make them all come to an agreement?

Bayo Ajibola

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