My fiance has refused to wed in my church.

Please hide my identity. I need your input as this situation is about to ruin my happiness and everything I have taken my time to build all these while. I have this guy with whom I am deeply in love with. I am not going to lie, this guy makes me so happy, so much that I can’t imagine living without him. He makes our relationship so simple and you can see that he loves me. He makes it so obvious that I do not need to question how genuine his intentions are. When he says something, he backs it up with action and that has made me love home the most.

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We have been dating for over a year now and we have taken so much time to learn ourselves and pursue things that appeal to us. When we met initially, we were just casual friends and we would randomly hang out at different restaurants to eat and spend time together. Later on, we developed feelings for each other. The feeling was mutual which was the major reason why I didn’t hesitate to say yes to his proposal when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. Time passed, we dated and things were going smoothly.

However, I had a major concern. I a witness and we do not marry outside our church. I loved him so much even though he was attending a different church. I was worried about the effect this was going to have on our relationship. You may say I can easily leave my church but I couldn’t. My parents are elders and well respected in my church so it was practically impossible for me to change my church. I told him about it and he said it was nothing. He said what matters most was what we share and church wasn’t going to be a reason why we wouldn’t end up together and he agreed to wed in my church.

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I have gone to meet his parents and they made it clear that they can’t give their consent for him to wed in my church. They agreed that he would marry me but refused for him to wed in my church. This has caused a big issue and I don’t know how best to go about it. I couldn’t tell my dad because I know he would never agree. I told my mom who is quite understanding. She clearly told me that my father won’t agree because of his position in the church. Please help me, I don’t want to lose this boy. I haven’t even seen any sensible person in my church to end up with. What do I do?

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