My fiance is an unbeliever.

I am a pastor’s daughter. My father is a minister in one pentecostal church in the east and he is a very strong man of God. We were raised by a disciplined man in a very stern manner. I left home when I got admission to study Economics in Lagos. After my graduation, I went for service in Edo state and after everything, I went back to Lagos because I got a job there so I no longer stay with my family in the East. I am currently 25 and I have met different people during the course of my job. A few guys have been recommended to me by my colleagues while I’ve met a couple more by myself.

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Sometime in 2020, I met this guy when I was going to work. We boarded the same BRT and he sat beside me. We vibed to similar music which drew our attention to each other. We were able to exchange contacts after that encounter. We weren’t keeping in touch so much then but about three months later, we bumped into each other again, this time it was at the mall and he paid my bills. We continued talking and we went out a couple of times. On our 6th outing, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was very reluctant knowing vividly that he was an unbeliever.

Although he was a nice person, me coming from a strong Christian home made it very difficult for me to agree to such serious relationship with a man of his kind. I turned down his request after letting him know why but he was persistent. He has given me a thousand and one reasons why him being an unbeliever wouldn’t affect our relationship. He is a very nice person but I didn’t know how I would present such a person to my father. We started dating after some time. He was too good for me to let go of. I have met many men but none stands close to him.

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We have progressed in our relationship and now he has asked me to marry him. I agreed but I am skeptical about taking him to my parents. My father is very inquisitive especially when it has to do with religion. Even though my fiance agreed to pretend we attend the same church, my father has his way of finding out things. I don’t want this to be a barrier to our marriage. This man is nice and he takes good care of me. If I explain to my mom, she will understand but my father won’t. I love this man. What do I do?

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