My fiancé lied to me and our wedding is in a month

Please hide my identity. I am planning to get married soon but I am confused about many things. I met this guy about two years ago. We met on a flight when I went for a conference in Abuja. He was also in Abuja for another business related trip. We sat close to each other during the flight. We had a little chit chat and when we alighted, we exchanged contact even with no hope of seeing each other again or perhaps soon enough. He was a bit warm and made my trip a bit warm and lively. We spoke about quite a number of things while on the plane. He seemed to be well versed as he had an in-depth knowledge of many things we spoke about. The ones he didn’t know in detail, he at least had something tangible to say and that got me interested in him. Like I said before, we had no hope of meeting again since we resided in different places. Well, WhatsApp helped as we got to see each others status, comment and say hello from time to time. 

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About a year later, we met here in Lagos. He said he relocated permanently to Lagos due to his job. I was pleased to see him. He hadn’t changed much and we agreed to meet up later. We picked a location and one week later, we met and spoke over a meal. He was still warm and smart as before. It was really good to see him. He asked what I was doing and I told him I worked with a publishing company. I asked after him and he said he worked with a tech company. After our meal, he dropped me off. We kept talking and I got to know that he stayed very far away from me. I was a bit touched that he drove all that distance to come have a meal with me in a venue quite close to mine. We never ceased communication, instead, It only got better. Day by day we realized we were getting fond of each other and after some time, we started dating. 

The relationship was all rosy and 8 months down the line. He proposed. We are currently making wedding plans but I realized that he lied to me about a number of things. First he wasn’t into any tech company. In fact, I know that I earn more than him, he has a great look and of course, no one’s salary is ever written on his or her face. The first time I found out, I was angry. I began to doubt everything I have ever heard from him. He apologized and gave one flimsy excuse that he didn’t want me to look down on him and other crap he said. That aside, I found out that his parents stay in the village and not in Lagos as he said. I honestly don’t know why he had to lie about these things. I don’t have any issue with where his parents stay. 

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I did more research and I found out other things about him. To be sincere, I no longer see a future in this relationship. This guy has a sweet tongue and I don’t know other things he might be hiding from me. Imagine if he is hiding something like this? What then are the things I don’t know? What if all he ever said to me was a lie? I don’t know if it is a good idea to continue with this relationship. I am really not happy about everything that has been happening and I honestly want to quit. I don’t know if it is too much. I just don’t want to regret my decisions for life.  

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