My Fiance’s Closest Friend Is Framing Me But I Am Innocent-Please Advise.

Bayo Ajibola

Please I would like your advise. My fiance and I have actually been together for nearly 4 years. The initial 2 years was basically long distance since I was in Ibadan at that time. I relocated to Lagos where I’ve got my business.

We did our introduction and our wedding was meant to be this month of May however we shifted it to September as a result of this pandemic. However something seriously terrible transpired last weekend and my fiance has cancelled our marriage,I need help.

A week ago,I was at his house when his best friend came to drop by. They’ve been buddies for more than a decade and I see him much more like a brother now because of their relationship. So,we had a house get together and everyone was lit. His Friend calls me sister B. I never for once saw him as anything but a brother.

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One other of his close friend also came over that Friday. My fiance in fact asked me to make Asun,peppered chicken and ofcouse we had drinks too. We are all having a good time,gisting,dancing and all. It was simply a fun time. I had danced and twerked on my fiance and everybody was cheering.

At one point, Doug (My fiance’s friend),asked me for a dance. He was taking a look at my fiance and he gave a look of approval. We started grooving,he was cheering me,I tweaked on him and perhaps it went a bit too far but sincerely,I in no way saw it as anything.

My fiance wasn’t actually looking at us or so I assumed. Everybody twerks nowadays. I mean,its a common dance and twerking doesn’t imply you intend to have sex  with the person you are with. Particularly not one you think of  as a brother.

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We danced a bit more before other activities and everyone went to bed around 4am that day. I went to bed drunk as was everybody else. Almost everyone woke up late on Saturday.  When I got up,my fiance had gone out. I started cleaning the kitchen because  it was in pretty bad shape.

My phone buzzed with the text message sound. I checked out it out it was a text message from Dough. It read:” last night was da bomb,I couldn’t sleep because your twerking left me with a hard on that I simply cannot think straight. I was still stunned at the text when I got a whatsapp image from him and it was a image of his large hard rock cock.

My mouth dropped. I called him instantly and i was like brother,what the fuck? What exactly are you trying to do? He picked up and was just giggling. I was too mad to think. I went straight to the visitor room where he was. My intent was to confront him and warn him not to destroy my relationship and of his too with my fiance.

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Dough was still way too drunk because  while I was shouting at him to stop this insanity,this guy was up feeling me and rubbing me with his cock. At this stage,I was attempting to free myself from his grip. I was equally mindful of not screaming because  there were the other friend in the other room too.

I panicked. I ought to have screamed however I just kept pushing him away and whispering,stop it Dough,stop it and the idiot kept saying:quit pretending like you don’t want me. During that split second of insanity,my fiance walked in and saw me and Dough in a compromising position. Needless to say,Dough was grasping and pressing on me.

I was pushing however my fiance didn’t see that becuase Dough had his back on him when he opened the door.My fiance thought we were making out because  I wasn’t screaming. Dough immediately freed me and was trying to say rubbish,oh sorry bro. Nothing happened …we were just playing,nothing happened.

I left there feeling violated and feeling so angry. Went straight away to our room because  Dough and my fiance were by now fighting. I had to go wake up the other guy who came and attempt to separate them. It was so humiliating and I felt so awful.

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The next thing,my fiance came at me,calling me a slut. Saying he couldn’t believe I would be fooling around with his best friend. I was like:are you serious? Your friend tried to force himself on me and you say I am messing around with him? Why would I think of  doing that? Even if I was messing around with him,would it be in your own home?

My fiance said he suspected me from the manner I was twerking on him yesterday. That I was the one who gave his friend permission to try to force himself on me. He said his friend said I was twerking and caressing his manhood that he thought I was into him.

Dough blamed booze for his conduct towards me. That I was the one that came to his bedroom that morning after trying to turn him on in the course of  the dance last night. It was just like a nightmare…I wished I really could wake up from…I couldn’t imagine this guy attempting to frame me to my fiance.

I needed to show my fiance the text and image he sent,I was attempting to warn him and ask him not to try that craziness with me,that was the reason why I went to his bedroom. My fiance was like,I ought to not have gone to his bedroom and looking at it now,I shouldn’t have. But in all trustworthiness and sincerity,I wasn’t thinking about it like that. I went there as his sister to warn him to stop that crap becuase he was still giggling when I called his phone.

My fiance was very annoyed that he called off our marriage. I have pleaded with him over and over again trying to explain myself, he simply would not have it. He simply told me he is done. That I broke up a relationship with his best friend more than 12 years. He said he trusts his friend and that I basically encouraged him on. What did I not say in an attemp to defend myself. My fiance didn’t listen.

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He chucked my things out from his house.I was furious. I was begging him ..I also tried calling Dough to tell him the simple truth but he had left. I begged and pleaded with him. The more I begged,the more he humiliated me. Even his other friend begged but he seemed possessed. I had to get an Uber and moved my things  back to my flat.

There’s nothing I haven’t done to plead with my fiance. My family is disappointed with me but they have even pleaded with him,still he says its over. I can’t keep begging him to marry me. I wasn’t to blame. I never for starters  had any emotions for Douglas his best friend.

I always saw him as a brother hence even at the time he was feeling me that morning,I didn’t want to shout so hewouldn’t get into trouble yet I am being held responsible for not shouting because I wanted it.

I am fed up. I love my fiance. I wouldn’t know what else to do to save my relationship. He has removed all our photos together on social media. My heart is aching from heartbreak. I have been embarrassed,humiliated,called a slut and all sorts when I didn’t do anything. I need advise,please help me. What should i do?

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Bayo Ajibola

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