My fiance’s mom cheats on her dad. Will my fiance cheat on me after marriage?

I am in my early thirties and I’m doing quite well for myself. I work with a reputable company and have a private business of my own that earns me extra money. I started dating this lady two years ago and we have had a pretty good relationship. She is very industrious, homely, hardworking and to crown it all, beautiful and ambitious. It was not difficult for us to vibe because we agreed on a lot of things and we had similar interests. This year, I decided it was time to settle down and having been dating her for about two years now, it was only right that I settle down with her. 

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I made my intentions known to her and she was as excited as I was to go on such a journey with me. We made plans and set out to meet her family. I was welcomed with open arms and they all said they’ve heard so much about me. Her mother was quite young and youthful. My girlfriend was the first child and she told me her mom got married quite early. We also visited my parents and were beginning to make plans for the next step. A friend of mine who knows my girlfriend came to my house one day and told me about my girlfriend’s mom. My friend is the outgoing type and he clubs a lot with some other friends of mine. I also club with him when I’m free.

According to him, he has seen my girl’s mom at different hotels with different men. Apparently, he has known her for a long time but didn’t know she was my girl’s mom until he saw her picture on my phone. I honestly doubted him because from what my girlfriend told me about her mom, she was a very honest and upright woman so it was difficult to believe him. Two weeks later, he sent me about seven pictures of the woman with three different men. I was shocked. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t spoke  to my girlfriend about it. I don’t know if she is aware that her mom is cheating on her dad.

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As much as I want to keep mute and act like I am not aware, something deep down makes me feel like she is aware. I mean we all stay in the same city and it’s almost impossible that no one has told her about it. I am worried that she might be aware. What if she doesn’t know and she hears it from me first? It will break her. What if her father gets to know and it starts affecting their family. The one that worries me most is what if my girlfriend takes after her mom? I know that parents, especially mothers, have a way of rubbing off on their female daughters. My girlfriend and her mom are very very close so I am worried about what will eventually happen after we marry. Do you think I should tell my girlfriend or overlook this? Cheating is a big deal for me and I hate it.

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