My girlfriend acts so uninterested. What should I do?

Please inform me when you post this. I am in a relationship which on my end I believe is serious but I no longer understand the way things are going currently. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost two years now and even though we have been through so many difficult times, we have been able to overcome and bypass every obstacle on our way. I am 31 and she is 24. I am planning to marry her but I am observing certain things that are holding me back. Lately, I lost my job and it affected me financially. I was able to secure another job but it has not been able to sustain me as before. Before I lost my job, I took care of her properly. I ensured she lacked nothing. I sponsored most of her final year project even though it was quite expensive. She was very polite and lovely then but now, I no longer understand her. She has changed so much. She no longer acts as before and I am worried. These days, it is as if she no longer wants the relationship. She doesn’t call me and when I call, she sounds very cold and uninterested.

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She was someone that used to call me frequently. She called me regularly to talk to me about almost everything concerning her. Before she makes a decision, should first of all call me to know what I think. Sometimes she will give me about three days or a week to think about it and get back to her but now, she no longer does that. Initially, she would send me pictures of things she’d like to buy so I would help her and choose but all of these are now in the past. She finds it very difficult to talk to me about anything and I am very very unhappy about it. The other day, she traveled to her aunt’s place in Lagos. She asked me for money for the flight but I didn’t have enough so I just told her to use the bus and sent her extra money to buy some things. I didn’t know that she was unhappy about it. She later traveled by bus and I kept calling her on her way to know if she was safe but most of the time, she didn’t answer me or return my calls. I felt that she was just unhappy about what happened but it was more than that. 

Do you know that she got to her destination without calling me or sending me a message? I was really upset but she didn’t care. I have spoken to her time without number to stop acting this way but she doesn’t even see anything wrong with it. She feels that I am being unnecessarily paranoid. As if that wasn’t enough, I don’t know who she got into contact with and the guy sponsored her flight when she was returning from the visit. She also didn’t tell me about it. I only saw it on her status when she was posting it and talking about how smooth the flight was. I asked her about it and she didn’t give me any reasonable response. She just said that an old friend sent her money for the flight. I asked her who the friend was but she said I didn’t know him. I have been trying to get her to talk or explain to me what’s going on but she has been so uptight about everything. 

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She seems really comfortable and unbothered. I have a feeling that she has started seeing another man. She posts pictures of herself going to different eateries and shopping at malls. She also posts designer shoes and other expensive things that she bought. I feel very unhappy about everything. She doesn’t tell me anything even when I ask. I miss how we used to be. We used to be lovely together but since I lost my job, everything has changed. I wish I had a better job. At least I’ll be able to take care of her and give her all the things she needs. I really love her so much and I would like us to get back together. Please, how can I accomplish that? She means the world to me and I can’t let her go just like that.  

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