My girlfriend bed-wets. What do I do?

Please conceal my identity before you post this. I am a young guy in my early thirties. I am precisely 32 years old and I am a very nice and easygoing person. I believe in love so much and I also love to stick with someone I love regardless of whatever happens. I have a girl that I am in a relationship with. We met through a friend who has been trying to convince me to get married. I have had some failed relationships and that is why I am still unmarried at this age. The guy the rest recommended my present girlfriend is my best friend and according to him, my girlfriend is a very nice person. We started dating seven months ago and to be very honest, my girlfriend is a really nice person. She is homely  industrious, polite and very honest. We haven’t been together for long but I have already decided to marry her because of all the things she has been doing since we met. I am a very busy person. I work as a banker in Ilorin which makes it unable for me to travel at will. 

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My girlfriend on the other hand owns a business of her own in Abuja and she is doing well. Regardless of the fact that she is rich, she does not disrespect me or look down on me. Because of my tight schedule, I have not been able to visit her in Abuja. I have been asking her to come over and see me since she has more time but I noticed that she has been acting so laid back. Everytime I ask her to come, she gives me an excuse that she has plans or that she has something important to do. Sometimes she says that she has planned to travel home to see her parents or her friends staying in another state. I have been really bothered about these her excuses but there was really nothing much I could do. I couldn’t come to visit her because of work. I even had to call my friend that recommended her to help me beg her to visit me. He did but it was not successful. She kept promising to come but she never did. I was very disturbed. 

I kept wondering what I didn’t do well. She has a sales girl and I am very sure that leaving the shop for the sales girl just for the weekend would not be such a big problem. Besides she has been doing it before. I thought about a lot of things but I didn’t find any suitable explanation. She realized I was getting pissed and she finally agreed to come. I was so happy that I was finally going to see her and also spend time with her. She later came on a Friday evening. We had so much fun and effort spoke about a lot of things. The next day, in the early hours of the day, I realized that I was wet. I turned on the light only for me to find out that she was soaked. I couldn’t believe that she was bed-wetting at such an old age. I was confused. I later woke her up to change her cloth. 

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When she woke up, I could see the embarrassment written all over her face. She could not even look me in the eye. I tried as much as possible to make her comfortable even though I was still surprised. She had her bath and I gave her something to change into. Then I took her to the guest room to sleep. The next day, someone came to clean the room. I spoke with my girlfriend and she explained that she has been having this problem since and that was why she has been avoiding to come and see me. I feel sad about the situation of things. She said she has tried everything possible, she has been to the hospital so many times including prayers house, yet no result. I love my girlfriend so much and I am not ready to leave her because of the condition. I love her and I want to be by her side always. I want to help he find a solution but I don’t know how or what to do. Please I need suggestions.  

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