My girlfriend has been acting so strange since valentine

Please help me. I don’t know what is going on or what I have done wrong to my girlfriend to deserve her sudden cold treatment towards me. We have been together for over two years and all these while she has been nothing short of beautiful and wonderful to me. She understands me so much but as things are going now, I don’t know what is wrong or how to approach things. I have a job but as a young guy, I have quite a number of responsibilities and I struggle to foot all my bills and also make my girlfriend feel comfortable and loved.

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This valentine, it really took me a lot of sacrifice to be able to get something for her. As at February 8th, I didn’t have money set aside to get her a gift because I made huge expenses this period. I paid my house rent and repaired my car that has been very faulty for a long time now. In fact, as at 10th February, I decided I wasn’t going to get her any gift at all. I wanted to just spend time with her, then explain my situation to her and send her some money later. That was exactly my plan until my friend talked me out of it.

According to him, he said a lot of girls usually expect things from their boyfriend no matter how small as sometimes it turns to a kind of competition between them as they tend to compare the gifts they got. My friend told me that he was going to order something for his girlfriend and encouraged me to do same. I got a gift worth 20k for her. This has so far been the cheapest valentine gift I ever got for her which was because of my condition.

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When I gave her the gift, I noticed she wasn’t satisfied with it. It really made me sad and I didn’t hesitate to tell her. She was grumpy even though the gift she got me was smaller. I noticed that the energy she has been giving me since then has been so low and whenever I call her she takes time before she returns my calls and she doesn’t vibe well with me. I hate this and it has been affecting me so much. I love her but I am even angry that she reacted the way she did even when she knows exactly what I was passing through financially. What do I do about this?

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