My girlfriend is getting married to another man

Please keep me anonymous. I am distressed, broken and sad as I talk to you. I have a girlfriend with whom I made long term plans but everything has gone down the drain. This is a girl I love so much. I could barely live without her. We have been together since our days in the university and many people are aware of our relationship and how deeply in love we were. We were in the same faculty but different departments in the university. I met her when I was in third year, she was in first year then and our relationship has been nothing but amazing. I graduated before her and I have been working extremely hard to make sure that we end up together. Even after I graduated, we were still dating and I always sent her money, surprise gifts and more. I was always there for her when she needed me or whenever she had financial problems. 

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As a result of how much I love her, I got into a lot of business all to make enough money to take care of her and provide for her needs without having any difficulties. I remembered when she could not pay her school fees earlier this year. She called me and said that her parents couldn’t raise the complete money. I rallied round and gave her the outstanding forty thousand Naira to make up what she has and pay her school fees. I still went ahead to give her pocket money and extra money for her to buy the necessary textbooks. I have done so much for this girl and I wasn’t doing any of these things for her to pay me back or something. I was doing this because I truly loved her and I saw a future with her. 

While I was doing all these, I didn’t know that my so-called girlfriend was already in another relationship with someone else. What I do not understand is why she would be dating two people at the same time. She could have simply ended things with me and be with him instead of cheating on me. As if that wasn’t enough disrespect, she continued taking money from me and other things. I could not even suspect that she was dating someone else because she was still coming to visit me and she still called me, talked about her personal life and was still the person I have always known. I thought I had a girlfriend but I didn’t know that she was playing with me. 

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Just this weekend, my friend called me and asked if I have seen the picture trending on WhatsApp, I told him I haven’t since I wasn’t online then he asked me to check. I did and Lo and behold, I found my supposed girlfriend’s pre-wedding pictures with another man. They were planning a wedding and I didn’t even know. The wedding is coming up in two weeks. I have tried calling her and texting her on WhatsApp but it’s not going through. I think she blocked me everywhere. When I call her with another line and she finds out it’s me or my best friend, she hangs up. I feel betrayed. Women are heartless.  

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