My girlfriend is jobless and lazy

Please hide my identity. I am a working class guy in my early thirties and hoping to settle down as soon as possible. I am into a lot of things. I basically just do anything that will fetch me extra money as long as it is legal. I’m into cryptocurrency, I am also knowledgeable in tech and I also have a business of my own. These are the major things I do excluding other side hustles. I am doing well, I don’t even need anyone to tell me that. My income is very good, I can afford a lot of things that I need right now as long as money can buy it but I have come to realize that there is more to life than money. Early last year, I was very unhappy and lonely. I was so focused on making money that I forgot that I need someone in my life. When it got too much, I spoke to my friends about it and they advised me to get a girlfriend. If not for anything but for the fact that I will have to settle down at some point in my life. 

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I got close to a girl but things didn’t work out between us. Two months into the relationship, we broke up. After some months, during December last year I met this current lady I am dating. I met her during one of my Christmas hangouts with my boys and we started off something serious. Initially, she seemed so focused and goal-oriented. I am a very focused person and I take every aspect of my life seriously especially when it has to do with my family, people I love or my finances. I don’t joke with any of these things. 

When I met her, she said she was working in a small company like that as a resource person and she also was a makeup artist. She was cool headed and seemed very smart which was why I decided to pursue things with her. Three months after we met, we started our relationship. I got to love this girl so much and I was sacrificing a lot of things for her. I made sure that she didn’t lack anything. I sent her money frequently even without her asking. Is it clothes or shoes? My brother’s girlfriend sells women’s clothes so whenever I see anything I like on her WhatsApp status, I pay for it immediately and have it delivered to her. 

The other time that her phone was stolen, I got her a new iPhone. I do so many good things for this girl because I really love her and I saw a future with her. Two months ago, she came to my house with a terrible look on her face and told me that she was laid off because the company wasn’t making so much money and thus had to drop some people. I felt sorry for her and told her she would get another job. I made sure that she didn’t feel bad, so I bought her things and we also went on a short visit to a resort she loved. Later on, she kept saying that she was looking for a job but none was coming forth. Gradually, this girl has moved into my house. That is not even my problem. My major problem is that she is so lazy. 

This girl does almost nothing. I will leave the house and return to see that she didn’t cook. She will mumble some sorry and say she’s ordering food. With whose money? With my money of course. 

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She barely cleans the house. She litters her things all over the place and acts like she didn’t do them on purpose. The major thing she does is to try out different makeup designs on her face and post on IG. Sometimes she will go ahead to make tons of videos and post on tiktok. She wastes my MIFI subscription on useless things. Honestly I am beginning to reconsider this relationship. She has been jobless for two months and she is not doing anything serious about it. She is so relaxed and unbothered. I don’t want to marry that kind of person. I don’t need a liability in my life. Someone who doesn’t know that money has to be made so bills can be paid. Every single thing she uses is as a result of my income. Food, clothes, hair, subscriptions, phones etc How long will that continue? I need a smart and vibrant woman as a wife. This can’t be happening in marriage. What will she teach my kids if we eventually get married. I don’t know what to do or say. I just want to find out the best thing to do because as things are right now, I want to break up. Is it too much?  

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