My girlfriend is so condescending.

Good morning. Please keep me anonymous. I am a 32 year old guy and I am hoping to settle down in no distant time. I have tried out a couple of relationships but none seems to be working out partly because of my genotype and religious beliefs. The first serious relationship I had to the point of wanting to marry the lady ended because our genotype didn’t match. I was AS and the girl too was AS. We had dated for about a year and some months before we found out our status. It wasn’t as if we didn’t take that into consideration, there were just a lot of irregularities that made things turn out the way they did. I have always known my genotype as AS and as such have always taken note of that before getting into any serious relationship. Apparently, the lady too believed she was AA. She ran some tests while she was in university and the laboratory results confirmed that she was AA. So she had always believed that that was her genotype. Apparently, when we were planning for introduction, we went for tests and we found out we weren’t compatible and the relationship ended. 

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The other relationship which happened to be the last before this current one ended because the girl and I went to different churches. While we started dating initially, I knew she was a witness while I was an Anglican. I didn’t have any problems with her religion but my friends kept reminding me that they don’t marry outside their church. Left for me, I could marry anyone as long as we are compatible. Religion doesn’t matter to me. I had to ask her and she said that it wouldn’t be a problem that her parents would agree. At intervals I would ask her and she would give me almost the same reply. Our relationship continued and when we were ready to settle down, her family refused. They said she  couldn’t marry anyone outside their church. All effort to convince them was futile and I had to end things with her. It was very painful for me and it took me almost two years to get over it. I finally met this lady I am dating now and we started dating. 

Before now, I used to think that we were compatible and I was willing to settle down with her but this recent character that she is exhibiting is making me have doubts about settling down with her. From the look of things, I can say that my girlfriend is so condescending. We haven’t dated for so long. It is not for up to a year. We have been dating for about seven months now and we do not stay in the same place. We go to visit each other at intervals depending on our schedule and who is freer than the other. She has been the one visiting me for a long time now since her job gives her more free time to stay away from work. I finally took a leave this time and I decided to visit her. She stays in a public place but it is a modern facility. Her compound has a gatekeeper and a Gardner. When I visited her, I realized that she doesn’t treat these people with respect even when they are way older than them. She doesn’t greet them and she also makes some silly comments about them.

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I am not saying that it is a must she greets them but there is a way you will act towards someone that will make them feel loved and appreciated. These guys keep your environment clean and also make it safe for you. Even a thank you is not too much. The first two times the gatekeeper opened the gate for us on our way back, I gave him some money and he was so excited. The look on my girlfriend’s face was so bad and it was obvious but I ignored her. She disrespects people even when we go outside and she does it in a subtle way and she does it especially to people she feels are below her. I don’t think this is a good sign. I believe in treating everyone with respect, it doesn’t change anything. I don’t know if I am overreacting but this is worrying me a lot. I don’t want to make a mistake in my choice of a life partner.  

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