My girlfriend is too demanding and lazy

Please keep inform me when you post this. I am a very hardworking guy. I try out a lot of things to make money. I take risks a lot. Not just ordinary risk, I take calculated risks and at the end of the day, when I make money, the girl I call my girlfriend just wants to waste it. My girlfriend is lazy and the annoying thing is not just that she is lazy, she doesn’t even want to work and she would want me to provide for all her needs. She is always demanding for one thing or another. If she is not demanding for clothes today, she is demanding for shoes, hairs or bags. She has been out of job for over three months now and she is not even doing anything to get another job. She is so relaxed, and she seems so unbothered about the whole thing and this does not go down well with me. 

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When she lost her job, I advised her to start looking for another job considering the situation of things in the country. She didn’t listen to me. The excuse she gave was that she wanted to rest a little and put her life together. She said that she wanted to make plans about how she wanted her life to move. As she put it, she simply said she wanted to make long-term and short term plans as well. The way she said it, I actually thought that she was serious and had really important things that she wanted to do but at the end of the day, I found out that she was just a lazy girl who was only giving excuses and buying time to waste and spend her life at home doing absolutely nothing. 

It has been more than three months now and this girl has not gotten anything doing. She is still at home doing nothing. I have spoken to her many times about it yet she is still not prompted to do anything. The last time I spoke to a friend on her behalf, the guy offered her a job but she turned it down. According to her, the pay was too small. This girl that is shouting that the pay is too small is just sitting down at home. Let me even off you. The pay she is claiming is too small is even 10k more than her previous salary. I advised her to start the job first then she can begin to look for other jobs oh baby that will pay her well yet she refused. 

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The annoying thing is that everything rests on my shoulder. She will demand money to make her hair today, tomorrow she will demand money to buy foodstuffs, next tomorrow she will demand money to repair her broken glass or to fix her nails. She demands money even for the smallest and most insignificant thing. I am beginning to get tired of her constant demands and I don’t know how to go about it. Seriously I am thinking of ending the relationship but I don’t want it to look like I am ending the relationship because she is jobless. I have tried to talk her out of this her carefree attitude but she doesn’t want to change. I cannot be in a relationship with such a person. I need someone who is driven especially to make money and make meaning out of life. She cannot continue to milk me dry. Do you think I am taking things too far or I should give her more time.  

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