My girlfriend is very extravagant

Please keep me anonymous. I am in my early thirties and all I have in mind now apart from increasing my earnings is to settle down as soon as possible. Normally, in the beginning of this year, I was convinced that I was going to get married this year even though I wasn’t in a relationship then. I knew it was time for me to get married and I was working towards it with an open mind. I had a girlfriend but due to some reasons, things didn’t work out between us and we ended our relationship in November, this year. So I started the year single. Along the line, I met some ladies. Some of them were nice but either too old for my liking or nasty or condescending. They just had issues. I met my current girlfriend in June this year and I was attracted to her because she was working and making a living for herself. She seemed very responsible and her first impression was great. She has very nice looks too so everything seemed settled. 

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We got closer and became friends. We later started dating. My finances were good so I could take care of her well. I did anything I could to please her because I genuinely love her. However, since the relationship started, I have observed a couple of things which do not sit well with me. Yes this lady is working but it is easy to say that she is broke. It is unbelievable right? This girl works in a good company and her pay is okay. She earns 160k here in Lagos and apart from house rent, she does not spend money on anything else. She is the second to last child and her parents are comfortable so she is not sending money to anyone. But the surprising thing is, this girl doesn’t have anything much in her account. She started working last year September and funnily enough, she doesn’t have up to 300k in her account. 

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This girl spends a lot. She has a lot of shoes, bags, clothes and hair. This is where most of her money goes apart from her feeding. She buys things on impulse. She is extravagant and she doesn’t think about the future. She believes that money will keep coming. This girl lives alone but instead of renting a self contained house, she went ahead to rent a big flat for no reason. She sleeps in only one room while the other rooms waste. Yes, she doesn’t disturb me for money so much but I am worried. How is she going to raise our kids? I don’t need someone who doesn’t know how to Manage life. Yes, I have my money but I am concerned about who I call my wife tomorrow. If she doesn’t teach my kids good life lessons then how will they learn it? This is really bothering me. I love her without doubt but this is seriously disturbing me. What can I do?  

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