My girlfriend of three years is getting married to her “cousin” in Germany. – Man narrates.

Kindly keep my identity hidden. I am broken right now. I never thought I would be in a position like this. I loved my girlfriend and did everything humanly possible to please her and have a long lasting relationship. Our relationship was beautiful. It was everything I prayed for. My girlfriend was industrious, respectful and very homely. I believed she was not like the regular girl you meet on a daily basis but I guess I was wrong. 

We have been dating for 3 years. 3 whole years. All these while, I loved her and she made me believe she loved me more and would never do anything to hurt me. I believed her and made sure she got whatever she asked for. That was how much I loved her. She is the first child of her family and as such always had to send money home. Her father is late so most times, her mother called her for financial help. 

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She has four siblings all of which are in school and her mother, being a petty trader does not have enough money to pay for their school fees. My girlfriend would always be moody because of the financial responsibilities she has to handle but I will always come through for her. I will always send her money to fix these needs eventhough, I am not all that rich.

I just loved her and was willing to marry her because of how well-trained she is. Sometimes she would call me that her mom needs to pay house rent and she needs money to complete what she already raised. I do not grudge, I do not see it as a problem either. I always sent the money to her. Sometimes I may not have the money at that time, I would borrow from my friends and pay back when I raise the money. This has been going on for a very long time. This does not even include all the things I buy for her at intervals. 

During December last year, she started behaving somehow and I figured out she was regularly talking to someone on the phone. One day I asked her about who she was always talking to. She said he’s her cousin who got back from Germany. I was not very comfortable but after some time, I forgot about it and believed her. She would also talk to me about the guys and share some of their conversations with me. 

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This made me trust her even more and sometimes, she would tell me she was going to see him and also spend some nights at his place. I had no problem with this as I trusted her completely. This continued for a very long time. During the lockdown, her attitude changed but I thought it was because of the Corona virus Lockdown that affected people’s mood adversely. 

Many times, she will be in a low mood. She would avoid me and back it up with mental health issues. I understand her and give her some privacy. I also sent her money and gifts to cheer her up. Sometimes she will be her normal self. She will come over and be all loving. We will have sex and so much fun. She knows I love sex and would always compensate me with it for her absence. 

Last month, she completely changed. There was no doubt about it. It was very obvious. I spoke to her about it many times but she insisted that nothing was wrong. She avoids me so much. Doesn’t come to my place anymore and when I try to go and see her, she brings up excuses. I spoke to her friend who promised to speak to her. This still didn’t change her attitude towards me. 

She sent me a very message on WhatsApp appreciating me for everything I’ve done for her all the years we’ve been together. She went further to apologize for her errors and finally told me she was no longer interested in the relationship. As if that wasn’t enough blow to me already, she said she was getting married to someone she met who loves and cares for her more than I did. 

I couldn’t believe it. I pleaded with her and promised to make things right but she wasn’t going to hear any of that. I called her but she wasn’t taking my calls. I called her friend and told her all that happened and pleaded with her to be honest with me. She told me everything was true and she wasn’t happy about it either. When I asked to know who the guy was, she sent his picture and I found out it was her supposed cousin who she said returned from Germany. 

How could she be this cruel to me? After everything we went through together. After 3 years of being together. I can’t believe she could do this to me. Why are girls this wicked? I gave everything to be with her. How can she throw away all we shared like it’s nothing? I still can’t believe it’s true. How do I handle this? 

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