My girlfriend steals my money. What do I do about this?

I have this girl I have been dating for about 7 months now. She is well mannered and makes great meals. She is ambitious too and has a nice body shape and looks. Everything about her is superb but she has a major character flaw. As bad as it may sound, this girl steals my money. It is unbelievable but that’s the truth. Most times I look for my money and she is the only one who has free access to my apartment. Initially when I observed that my money was missing, I felt I was just misplacing them but I am someone who is quite organized so I know where all my valuables are anytime. 

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When we started dating, she would take my T-shirts without telling me, but I didn’t see it as a problem because people thought it was a usual thing between lovers. From my T-shirts she started taking my perfumes. I love smelling good so I have a large collection of perfumes. All these did not move me in any way until I started looking for my money. Sometimes I’ll drop money on my desk and I won’t see it again. From that, it progressed to the money in my wallet. I noticed that some amounts will be missing. Most times she takes about 20 percent of the total money probably with the thought that I won’t notice but I still do. 

This continued and it became unbearable. Even though I felt she was the one taking my money, I just could not openly confront her and I kept on hoping that she was not the one. She is very beautiful, tall, fair and calm. She has a good paying job and comes from a rich home so even the small money I look for, she can afford triple that and even more. She is rich and comfortable and has little or no family responsibility. So all these things were clouding my judgement. She was my girlfriend and I didn’t want to openly accuse her of taking my money. Deep down, I kept on hoping that she wasn’t the one. 

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To cut the long story, she took a big sum of money that was not even mine so I had to ask her about it. She didn’t deny it. She said she took it to do something really important and that she had intentions of returning it even though I knew it was a lie. She apologized and reached her phone to transfer the money back to me. I told her not to and I asked her if she was the one that has been taking my money for something now. She denied it initially but later owned up to it. I was very angry. I give her enough money and I even buy her gifts regularly so I didn’t see the need for her to take my money. I love this girl so much. I can’t even imagine my life without her and that is why it is worrying me a lot. 

I have intentions of marrying her but whenever I remember that she steals, it weighs me down. I don’t know what to do or how I can help her to change. Please, I need suggestions. Help me. 

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