My honeymoon is a complete disaster. Will my marriage still work?

Please keep me anonymous. I don’t even know where to start. I used to picture a very beautiful marriage with a fantastic honeymoon but what I got was a complete opposite of my expectations. I got married last month. It was a very big wedding and everyone had a lot to eat and drink. My husband is a business guy who makes good money. We met in 2020 when we boarded the same flight from Abuja to Lagos. I was going to visit my friend in Lagos and he say beside me. We spoke at length while onboard and we exchanged contacts.

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He told me he came for a business trip and Abuja and since it had ended, he was going back to his base in Lagos. We continued talk even after we parted ways from the airport. He was a nice guy and while we were speaking, I found out he was quite a busy person but he always made out time to speak with me. He even came to see me several times and I also went to see him. The times we were together, he used to get a lot of calls from his customers and business colleagues but I was very understanding and I felt it would get better but I was wrong.

We got married last month and we went for our vacation in Dubai. I am still in Dubai but I’m already tired of this honeymoon. My husband is always on his phone. He does not give me enough time and attention. Initially we agreed to keep our phones aside and focus on each other but on getting here he wasn’t keeping to our agreement. The first day was good. We had a good time at the exquisite resort we lodged at but two days later, he was already having so many calls and scheduling so many online meetings.

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He said they were all business deals that were worth millions and he couldn’t afford to miss them. I am being very understanding but I am tired. Like extremely tired. This is not what I expected. I pushed aside my jobs and other meetings that will interrupt my honeymoon so why can’t he do same. He has a personal assistant who understands the job so why can’t he push the job to him? Must he do everything himself? I am really sad and tired of this thing. If he can’t make out time for me during our honeymoon, when will he now make out time for me? Is this what I will face in marriage? I don’t know what to do?

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