My househelp disrespects me

Please help me post this. I am a mother of five children. Taking care of my kids is very challenging for me coupled with the kind of job I do. My work is very challenging and I have to close from work late many times. Because of this I pleaded with my husband to get a househelp and luckily for me, he understood my situation and agreed. Getting a househelp was very difficult because most parents refused. I wanted a close relative who would take care of my kids with the sisterly love but I couldn’t get. I finally had to ask my friends to help me look for one and I found. Initially, I was skeptical because she wasn’t so young. She was in SS1 but she was very tall and fully mature. Due to stories I heard about husbands and househelps, I didn’t want her to come but I didn’t see anyone else so she stayed. 

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She is from a poor home so when she came, she was naive but very respectful. She took care of my kids well, obeyed instructions, cleaned the house and also cooked very well. I also liked her because she is a very clean girl. She washes clothes neatly and even while she is cooking, everything is neat and she is very fast and keeps to time. Due to these attributes, I got comfortable with her and treated her nicely like my own sister. I enrolled her in a good school, bought all the necessary textbooks for her and also ensured that amidst taking care of my kids, she had time to read and also cope with her school activities. Sometimes I would help her with cooking and during the weekends, I did all the work so that she could read, catch up with school work and also rest. 

She has stayed for five months in my house and has started misbehaving. Now, she beats my children and when I ask her she said they were stubborn and she wanted them to do the right thing. In my family, we don’t hit children no matter what. My parents had other means to discipline us apart from beating us so I use the same method for my kids. I warned her sternly and she stopped. I noticed she started missing house duties. Sometimes she won’t sweep or clean the house. She also started cooking dinner late. Normally we eat dinner around seven but she changed it to 8. I complained and she promised to do better but she didn’t really change. Also when I send her on an errand outside the house, she hesitates to go. She has been doing a lot of stupid things and I decided to send her home. 

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Even though I knew that it would be very difficult for me, I was ready to run my home alone. I didn’t want an outsider to grow wings and not respect me in my own home. I told my husband and to my surprise, he refused. He said the girl works hard and I am just being too demanding that I should let the girl rest. The way he vouches for this girl baffles me. I am beginning to suspect that he has something with her. Before Christmas, I told her to pack her bags and leave. I didn’t want to see her when I came home from work but when I returned, I saw her. She said my husband told her not to leave. I met my husband and he said she’s going nowhere. I am no longer comfortable with her in my house and my husband is not even helping matters. How do I react to this? 

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