My husband and my mom are not in good terms. What do I do to make peace?

I am a 27 year old woman and I have been married just for two years. My husband is 30 and we welcomed our first fruit about eight months ago. My husband used to be very caring and loving when we were dating but since we got married, things have changed and I am always worried about his new attitude. When we were dating, my husband was someone who was always making peace. He does not like quarreling with anyone including me. When he has issues with people, he clears the air quickly. He also apologizes even when he is not wrong. He always told me that he doesn’t like keeping things in his heart. We hardly have issues when we are dating but when we quarrel, he always makes sure it doesn’t get till the next day. He will always apologize and make peace with me. 

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This was his usual before marriage until now. Currently, whenever we have a problem, he seems not to care. Initially he was always acting indifferent but recently, he is getting worse. He keeps malice with me and he can even stay as long as three days without talking to me. I am always worried and I even apologize to him even when he was wrong. I apologize only for peace to reign but he does not change after my apology. I have a very little child that is barely a year and most of the time, he doesn’t help me to look after this baby. He goes out early and comes back late in the night. I serve him food, he eats and carries the baby for a little time then he goes to sleep. When I complained about his attitude and the fact that he barely had time for me and the baby, he said he was not staying late intentionally but he was trying to provide for us. 

This continued and other things he was doing to me. I will always complain but he will not change. Sometimes he will promise to do better but they were all empty promises. When it got unbearable for me, I had to tell my mom about it. I complained and she assured me that she was going to call and speak with my husband and she did. The problem is that my mom called my  husband and spoke to him in a harsh manner. I am very close to my mom and she loves me so much so when I am not happy, she hates it and tries as much as possible to make sure I feel better. I guess this was the reason why she overreacted when she spoke to my husband. I don’t know exactly what she said to him but I bet it was not good. 

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My husband just came home from work and told me that my mom called him and said some terrible things to him. He just reminded me of our agreement never to tell anyone about our marital problems but I already broke the agreement. He was sad and said I should enjoy my stay in his house. Whenever my husband speaks like this, the effect is not always good and I don’t know what to do. I tried explaining to him that it was not as if u reported him to my mom, I only spoke to her because he was not talking to me and I was lonely. I only wanted to know if she would help. He didn’t even listen to me, he just walked into the room and slept. I even made his favourite food, I called him to eat but he ignored me. 

For the past one month he has not called my mom nor answered her call when she calls. We talk as couples but it still feels like something is missing. I have apologized and he said everything is fine but he has refused to call my mom. I am worried. What should I do please? 

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